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  • You may say to yourself: “I’ve never been burgled, so why should I get a safe?”

    The answer is: “Because a safe isn’t much use after you’ve been burgled!”.

  • If you’ve just been the victim of a burglary, you have a lot to think about. You may be emotionally shaken by the incident, as well as wondering what to do about the crime and how to prevent something like it…

  • Home safes are increasingly popular now, as a simple and reliable way to protect personal and family items. People keep a lot of valuables at home, from electronics to documents, and thieves are fully aware of that. A single break-in, or even a house fire, can not only cost you staggering amounts of cash, but […]

  • How do they do it? Brexit has caused a price increase on most imported goods, but Burton Safes have blasted the opposition away with their new Burton Home Safe range. The Burton Home Safe offers, from less than £500 delivered, an Insurance approved (AIS) thoroughly tested Eurograde 0 high security safe. This safe has a certified […]

  • Security nowadays is paramount and this top of range handheld security inspection mirror by Dancop ticks all the boxes. This Dancop Spexi 25cm handheld security mirror allows easy security inspections under vehicles for immigration control and airport security as well as safety in inaccessible locations in the workplace. The frame has inset LED lighting to […]

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