Lithium Battery Power Tool Charging

Charge your power tool batteries safely while working outdoors on site with the mobile Armorgard volthub VH16 and the Armorgard powerstor FR200-P. store. Both models are weatherproof and secure and the volthub is fully mobile and includes battery backup.
The 16 charging compartment Armorgard volthub VH16 serves as a on-site mobile charging hub to allow to allow the safe charging of lithium batteries used in power tools to be charged and secured while working outdoors on site. The Armorgard powerstor FR200-P is a secure walk-in container that not only reduces theft of tools but enables power tool lithium batteries to be charged onsite and includes a stand alone automatic fire suppression system.

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    Armorgard powerstor FR200-P Walk-in Li-Ion battery charging
    Safe Options Reviews with
    £11,763.90 inc VAT £13,071.00 inc VAT
    • External Dimensions
      H 2065 x W 2075 x D 2010 mm
    • Internal Dimensions
      H 1950 x W 1950 x D 1900 mm
    • Weight (kg)
      Weight 485Kgicon485Kg (76.4 stone)
    • Volume (litres)
      Volume 725 litresicon725L
  2. 10% Off
    Armorgard volthub VH16 Safe Li-Ion mobile battery charging
    Safe Options Reviews with
    £12,112.20 inc VAT £13,458.00 inc VAT
    • External Dimensions
      H 1820 x W 1770 x D 750 mm
    • Weight (kg)
      Weight 334Kgicon334Kg (52.6 stone)
    • Volume (litres)
      Volume 0 litresicon0L
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Safely charge lithium batteries onsite

Whether you are working outdoors on an industrial construction or indoors in a manufacturing plant there is a necessity to regularly charge lithium power tool batteries. Safe Options offers the safe solution to reduce theft, accident and improve efficiency with our range of construction site chrging hubs. We even have the solution for indoor static storage with our Battery charging fire safes with a choice of key, digital electronic and fingerprint locking.

Walk-in secure storage and charging outdoors

The Armorgard powerstor FR200-P Walk-in Li-Ion battery charging store offers extra security and improved safety when storing and charging Lithium-ion batteries. The power store can be moved around the site with either a fork lift or using a crane. When in use the automatic fire suppression system including cooling ensures the batteries will not overheat and that any fires are controlled quickly. The unit includes lighting and can be use for secure storage too as well as for the charging of up to 32 power tool batteries at any one time.

Mobile onsite safe Li-Ion battery charging

In the past charging power tool batteries while out on a construction site has created many challenges, but now with the Armorgard volthub VH16 mobile lithium-ion battery charger these obstacles have been overcome. The volthub offers safe storage and charging for up to 32 devices within an easily transported mobile unit that has self contained automatic fire suppression, a cooling system plus RCD protection. A package that ensures that power charging hazards are reduced and controlled.

What are the dangers when charging and storing lithium-ion batteries?

Lithium-ion battery fires are liable to occur when batteries are being charged so it is imperative that the charging point is secure and safe. Lithium-ion battery fires are not easily contained and are self-sustaining, because these batteries contain a flammable electrolyte fluid, the battery will become pressurised causing an extremely dangerous situation unless contained within an approved charging hub. This danger is more likely to happen if the battery is being overcharged, living past its sell by date, damaged, a manufacturing defect or due to the effects of extreme cold or heat. our range of charging hubs will ventilate and cool the batteries to ensure they do not overheat and in the case of a fire will safely control any combustion.