Britannia Floor and Wall Safes

Britannia Safes are manufactured in Britain and offer a premium and extensive range of high quality, high security, purpose built underfloor security and deposit safes as well as wall fitted security safes. Choose from the Britannia Winston Floor Safes identical in most respects to the Churchill Safes brand manufactured from 2015 until they ceased production in March 2020.

Britannia Floor and Wall Safes

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Britannia Floor and Wall Safes

British made safes - Britannia Floor and Wall safes

All Britannia underfloor and wall security safes are manufactured in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire using skills proven over many years. Britannia are renowned for the quality and workmanship of their security products and their Britannia Winston range of floor and wall security safes are their premium product offerring high security and a wide range of proven insurance cash ratings for both standard and deposit floor safes.

What is special about Britannia Winston Floor Safes?

First of all Britannia safes are manufactured in the Potteries, Stoke on Trent in Britain by professionals who know all there ios to know about security floor safes having not only manufactured their own ranges, but they also manufactured them for the Churchill safes brand after Churchill closed their factory. furthermore the Britannia Winston range are manufactured to the same design, specification to those marketed by Churchill, and are available in insurance cash ratings from £4000 right up to Grade 3 standard of £35,000. 

Why should shops that accept cash purchase a Britannia Floor Deposit safe?

A convenience store or petrol filling station that is open from early to late or even 24 hours per day should seriously consider the security of a Britannia Winston Floor Deposit Safe. This deposit safe allows cash to be regularly dropped into the safe with a plastic capsule whenever the till has excess cash. Your employee can only deposit cash - not remove it!. Of course as a floor deposit safe is securely buried undergound and it's location disguised it is very secure.