Vialux Safety Mirrors

Vialux Safety Mirrors

Vialux Safety Mirrors are all made from recyclable materials as is the packaging. Choose from either POLYMIR or P.A.S. mirror faces with a 3 or 5 year guarantee. The unbreakable convex mirror for interior or exterior use in all weather conditions. Vialux mirrors have a mirror designed for all applications - Vialux security surveillance in shops, Blind spots at driveway exits, Vialux industrial mirrors for high temperature areas near furnaces, Vialux dome mirrors for warehouses where pallet racking hinders good visibility.

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Portable security inspection mirrors are ideal for inspecting difficult to reach areas. They are used to check for concealed explosives, weapons or drugs.
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The Vialux 516 Safety Mirror is designed to be used indoors or outside to allow clearer vision in any blind spot to improve safety and security.
This 60cm convex wide angle mirror offers a 2-way view in any blind spot where there is a risk of coll...
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