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Protect cash, valuables & documents in your house by buying a home safe. We offer the UK's widest range of home safes and house safes for home & domestic use. If you're not sure what home safe is best for your needs, give us a call on 0800 567 7549 and we'll give you friendly, impartial advice.

Whether you want to safely secure cash, jewellery or vital documents, our range of security safes will provide the solution. Hence our range has a wide range of locking options: electronic, key and even fingerprint. Our home safes can also be secured in the bedroom, under the floor or in the wall. You choose! Select from the top brands, Chubbsafes, Phoenix, Burton and many more with Insurance Cash Ratings from £1000 to £150,000 (10x for Valuables) that will even please your insurance company. 

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Safes for home use

Locks for security safes explained


“What is the best safe lock I should choose?”  

Check out the different lock options available to be fitted to security safes - some are only locks that can be fitted to premium quality safes.


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Beginners guide to choosing a safe


When it comes to home security, a sturdy safe makes all the difference.

Regardless of home alarms, dogs, keypads and other security measures, the safe is always the last line of defence.

This is where the most valuable items you own are stored, so picking the right safe is important.


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How to install a home safe


We created guides to help you install eight different types of safes.

The key to understanding the fitting process is to identify which type of safe you want. Each type serves a slightly different purpose and is suited to an individual task. We explain clearly which safe is suited for which purpose.


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Home safes protect and secure

Home Security Safes for use in your house or home office. With hundreds of home security safes to choose from, your belongings and home can feel more secure.


Frequently asked questions about home safes

To protect your loved ones, home and possessions is a natural instinct. And what better way to offer that security than to install a home safe.

  • What type of home safe should I choose?

    Before one can answer that question you need to know what you want to secure and what the insurable value would be. Once you have made a decision regarding the contents to be stored then you can decide on both the size of safe and the security level needed.

    It is easy to select a safe by both insurable cash value or by size using our easy to use "ShopBy" menu on all and further reduce the choice by selecting your prefereed locking method or security test standard. You can also choose safes that are bolted to the ground or choose safes from our Hidden safes category wall safes that can be built into a wall or floor safes that are buried into the ground with concrete.

  • Where is the best place for my safe?

    Keep your valuables out of plain sight as a burglar is on a time limit as soon as they break into your home. They will only take items that can be removed quietly and quickly so a well placed safe will make it a pointless trip for them. Consider installing your wall or floor safe in the loft, under the stairs, or in your garage where they are less likely to find it.

  • What am I going to store and protect?

    Think through what you want stored away in a secure place. A good point to start from is to think of the items that are irreplaceable. This will include official documentation as well as pictures and other media. House deeds, your marriage certificate, heirlooms, cash, jewellery and photos can all be safely locked away. Prescription medication for children could also be stored in order to keep them out of harms way!

  • Key locking , electronic digital locking  or biometric locks. Which is best?

    Key locking safes have been in existence, giving durable service for hundreds of years, which is why they are still so popular, but what bhappens if you lose the keys or have them stolen? Hence the reason that digital electronic and biometric fingerprint safes are now becoming so popular. Biometric safes invariably offer both fingerprint recognition as well as pin code access as a back up. Digital electronic safes allow you to change your pin code as often as you want and even if the standard Alkaline batteries (usually AA or AAA) fail your code is never lost. Just replace the batteries and away you go again - however never forget your code!

  • How much should I spend?

    The idea here is to strike a balance between your budget and increased security. Generally the more you spend on a safe, the more secure it will be. Ideally you should choose a safe that meets the security level you require and then spend as much as you can afford. Make sure that this safe has the insurance rating that your valuables require.

  • How do I install my safe?

    DIY enthusiasts or anyone who can handle a electric drill can install their safe as long as you can handle the weight - or why not allow our professional installers do it for you no matter where you live on the UK mainland.  Security safes are usually bolted from the inside into pre-drilled holes to the floor and sometimes to the wall for a belt and braces fix. Underfloor safes require some building expertise and hard graft to dig a hole and bury the safe with a quality conrete mix. Whilst wall safes need a space made by removing bricks from a solid wall and the wall safe secured in their place and finished off with plastering..

  • What if my question isn't here?

    If you have read through all of the above information and you still haven't found what you are looking for, then get in touch with us. You can call us on 0800 567 7549 or email us where our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you.