Safety Lockout Padlock Storage Cabinets

Need to store and secure Safety Lock-out Padlocks? Padlock Storage Cabinets are the answer. 
If your company has Safety Lockout systems that isolate switchgear and machinery while essential maintenance is performed, then our Padlock Storage Cabinets are essential - Padlock capacities from 25 up to 500 padlocks with various locking options including, key, padlock, mechanical digital slam shut or dead lock as well as digital electronic versions.

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How to Choose a Cabinet Padlock
Padlocks come in a wide range of types, materials, locks, and key options. The security of a cabinet with a padlock is a minefield of considerations.
It is not a simple decision to make and it is worth bearing in mind a few key considerations. Mak...
6 Unmistakable Padlocks Everyone...
The six most common padlocks include closed shackle, straight shackle, discus shackle, long shackle, weatherproof, and combination. While each one may be slightly different, they all are adept in keeping burglars at bay.
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