Hydan Floor Safes - the King of Floor Safes

Hydan Floor Safes - the King of Floor Safes

Since Churchill ceased production of Churchill Safes in 2019 their devoted customers have been looking for a floor safe that espoused the same quality, the same security and the same after sales customer service. Well we now have a worthy successor - Hydan Safes - built in "the Potteries" just like Churchill and masterminded by the cream of Churchill's craftsmen and engineers. View the full Hydan Safes range here.

Hydan High Security Electronic Door

Hydan offer the complete range of underfloor safes, large and small, secure to extra secure. Choose from the Briton and Standard the successors to the Churchill Domestic Floor Safe with a recommended insurance cash rating of £4000 or 10x for valuables.

Or the Hydan Knight and the extra large Clubman range which emulate both the Churchill Vector and Bulldog safes - with an advisory £6000 insurance cash rating.

However if you want premium high security then look no further than the Hydan Cobalt, Aston and Platinum which offer £10,000, £17,500 and £35,000 insurance cash ratings and are built to Eurograde standards.

Al models are available with cash deposit tubes if required and with a choice of high quality key operated, manual dial combination or digital electronic locks.

One unique advantage of Hydan round door floor safes is the replaceable screw-in neck, which is only available from Hydan Safes. Unlike other brands, which have integral steel necks welded to the main body, the Hydan design allows the easy replacement of the neck in the event of a violent attack. Once a steel neck is damaged then the entire safe will need to be removed from the floor, whilst the Hydan design alleviates this as the neck can be easily replaced at minimum cost and time.

Key lock versions can normally be delivered in 1-2 working days and others in 5-7 days.

View the full Hydan Safes range here.