Top 8 Business Security Safes of 2022-2023

Top 8 Business Security Safes of 2022-2023
Are you in the market for a new home safe? Bewildered by the enormous range of models out there? Here’s a selection of eight proven Security business safes for different applications for your shortlist.

Safe for High Insured Value Belongings

If you have a substantial collection of jewellery or gold, or something else with a very high insured value, the Burton Eurovault Eurograde 2 should certainly be on your shortlist. It is AIS and Police-approved, and has an ECBS recommended insurance rating of £17,500 for cash or £175,000 for valuables. It also offers fire resistance for paper documents. The Size 3E variant featured here has a volume of 98 litres and weighs a hefty 305kg, making it too heavy for easy removal (although all safes weighing under 1000kg should be bolted down for insurance purposes). Its internal dimensions are 565mm across, 359mm deep and 483mm high.

Fireproof Safe

If you need enhanced protection against fire, for instance for sensitive magnetic storage media that are prone to degradation at relatively low temperatures, then consider the Phoenix Data Commander DS4622E. This safe is rated to protect both tapes and digital media for up to 120 minutes in the event of a fire. With a volume of 228 litres, it has a usefully large capacity; and it weighs in at 480kg, so it can be installed freestanding with no significant risk of being lifted away. The internal dimensions are 400mm across, 405mm deep and 1410mm high.

Discreet Wall Safe

If you are looking for a discreet safe to be mounted in your wall, consider the Burton Unica 3E Wall Security Safe. This is insurance rated to £6000 of cash and £60,000 of valuables, and offers a resistance Grade 0 and a fire-protective door. With a volume of 36 litres, it’s well-suited to the storage of a smaller set of valuables. Internally, it measures 395mm across, 200mm deep and 455mm high. The moderate weight of 42kg makes installation relatively easy, yet the wall mounting keeps it secure.

Floor-mounted heavy-duty Safe

If you want a heavy-duty floor-mounted safe that is almost impossible to physically remove, consider the Chubbsafes Custodian 210. Designed for high security, it has an insurance cash rating of £100,000, stretching to £1,000,000 for valuables such as jewellery. This is a capacious safe, with a volume of 210 litres; and its weight of 767kg makes it effectively impossible to lift without a forklift truck, as it’s more than 50% above the 500kg world deadlift record set in 2016.

Good-value Safe

If you are in the market for a budget home security safe that offers good value and protection without breaking the bank, consider the Burton Aver S2 3K. Currently priced at just £360 inc. VAT, this safe is well within most budgets, and is approved by the police and the insurance industry to help keep cash and valuables safe and secure. The cash insurance rating is £4,000. With a volume of 39 litres and a weight of just 31 kg, it’s light enough for a reasonably strong adult to move should the need arise, and yet has adequate space for your most prized belongings. Internally, it measures 365mm across by 295mm deep by 370mm high. Because of the low weight, it should be secured by being bolted down, and can also be fixed to a rear wall.

Everyday general-purpose Safe

If you’re looking for a general-purpose safe for everyday use, one that can combine the storage of cash, documents and valuables, consider the Securikey Mini Vault Siver 1K. Its insurance rating is £4,000 for cash and £40,000 for valuables. At a very economical price, this safe nonetheless has a useful volume of 26 litres and offers tested  security to the EN14450 S2 certificate. Its simple VdS tested key operated lock means there is no need to remember a pin number. With a weight of just 29kg, it can be safely lifted by one or two  adults, so it should be bolted down for security through the base. The internal measurements are 354mm across by 260mm deep by 282mm high.

Outsized Safe

If you are looking for a very capacious safe, spacious enough to store large items such as laptop or desktop computers, or a significant quantity of smaller items, consider the Phoenix Securestore SS1163F. With a lock mechanism operated by biometric fingerprint security, this tall safe is insurance rated for cash up to £3,000 and valuables up to £30,000. The unit has so much space that it can be used for the overnight storage of valuables for retail premises and other small businesses, including the cash drawers of tills, cash boxes, tablet computers, mobile phones, or supplies of high-value goods such as cigarettes. With a massive capacity of 385 litres, this unit is nonetheless manoeuvrable in an oblong position by four strong adults if ever it needs to be relocated, since it weighs in at just 181 kg (45.25 kg per bearer). For security, it is designed to be bolted to a solid floor in use. However, it can also be wall-mounted. Fixing bolts are provided. The internal dimensions of this safe are 570mm across by 500mm deep by 1600mm tall.

Stylish Safe

If style is especially important and functionality by itself is not enough when it comes to choosing a safe, consider the Phoenix Spectrum Plus LS6012FR. Finished in gold (or choose from a selection of 3 other colours) , it combines class with modern sophistication and will look exceptionally stylish in almost any setting. And despite its designer values, it is currently available for under £1000.00 inclusive of VAT. What’s more, it’s rated as fire-safe for paper documents for up to 90 minutes, and for digital media for an hour, so it’s also a good choice for sensitive documents and digital storage media that you can’t afford to see go up in flames. Insurance-rated for cash to £2000 and valuables to £20,000, this safe has a useful storage capacity of 64 litres and weighs a sturdy but manoeuvrable 100kg. It’s designed to be bolted down for security. The internal dimensions are 500mm across by 530mm deep by 645mm high.


There is a safe for all needs and budgets, and at Safe Options, we have the expertise and breadth of suppliers to be able to supply the right safe for you whatever your criteria. So if you are looking for help or advice to find your perfect safe, please contact us today on Freephone 0800 567 7549, or if calling from a mobile, on [+44] (0)117 929 2104. You can also use our contact form.