Workplace and Industrial Safety Mirrors

A Industrial Safety Convex Mirror provides visibility to cover all blind spots in construction sites, warehouses and factories such as food processing and clean environment locations. Choose from Fork Lift Mirrors to avid accidents, Heat Resistant mirors to be used in foundaries, Concave Mirrors for close inspection of products to improve quality control plus Industrial and Civil Engineering Mirrors for use outdoors to prevent accidents.

Explore Our Range Of Workplace and Industrial Safety Mirrors

Industrial safety mirrors

Safe Options supplies a comprehensive range of security and surveillance mirrors to secure industrial sites, including factories, logistics and warehousing centres, construction sites for both indoor and outdoor use. Choose from wide angle wall and ceiling dome mirrors, black & yellow or red & white framed high visibility mirrors including anti-condensation and frost models, multi-purpose safety & security mirrors, mirrors for forklift trucks, stainless steel mirrors for specific environments or tough industrial conditions such as road repairs and outdoor excavations. Furthermore we offer a wide range wide angle convex mirrors designed to be fitted to fork lift trucks to reduce the danger of accidents.

Convex Mirrors for Food Processing

The Safe Options range of Food Processing production line mirrors assists in the production process so they can be effectively monitored, reducing production costs, bottlenecks, and workplace accidents. Securikey has a customised solution for the food processing industry with the Hygiene F Series and Hygiene V Series mirrors. The Securikey F and V series mirrors meet the stringent food processing hygiene and safety criteria, such as those prescribed by UK Hygiene Standards.

Safety mirrors for industrial spaces

In addition to our standard rang of wide anfgle industrial mirrors we also offer specialist designs to meet unusual locations. Check out our Heat Resistant Mirrors which can withstand heat near food processing ovens, foundries, smelters and blast furnaces or our unique Chlorine resistant mirrors for use in both indoor and outdoor swimming pools and used extensively throughout the UK Leisure and Sport complexes.

Convex safety mirrors for toilets

Safe Options has a range of both Plexiglass frameless flat wall mirrors or Polycarbnonate framed mirrors to use in washrooms in businesses and schoolks for safety and hygiene. All our flat wall fixed mirrors can be fitted are quick to fit and delivered in usually 1-2 days. Choose from ranges of Washroom mirrors by Securikey and Vialux.