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So many to choose from! Don't fret if you need help, unlike most online stores, we are happy to help by phone - 0800 567 7549 - or by email from our contact page.

Safe Options offer all types of Lockers by Probe, Hero, Pure and Ampwire - Steel Lockers, Wire Mesh Lockers, PPE and Uniform Lockers, Security Lockers with Transparent Polycarbonate doors. Furthermore we can offer extra strong Laminate door lockers for Schools and Alumimium and Plastic Lockers for damp areas or even outdoors! For securing digital devices we have Mobile Phone, Tablet and Laptop lockers with the ability to charge your devices while being secure. Choose from various means of lock operation - Key, Padlock, Mechanical Combination. Electronic Digital and Coin operated. All delivered throughout the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lockers


Are you looking for lockers that are solid and secure for your building? Whether you need a locker for the call centre, gym, at school or at the factory, we have a variety of models that will fit your needs at a competitive price.

“Matches are won and lost so many times in the locker room.” - Leyton Hewitt

We know that once you've seen the range of lockers we currently stock, you may have a few questions. If so, read on.

  • What type of locker should I choose?

    From just taking a cursory glance at our range, you'll be faced with several choices. You will find that there are currently several types of locker available, each providing security for your items and a layout to suit your requirements. For general storage use, single and double door lockers are ideal, however you may need a locker with more compartments. Three or four apartment lockers allow you to store small items such as lunch boxes, books, and handbags. If security is paramount, you may also want to invest in a locker that has a toughened door and a substantial lock.

  • Digital, coin or padlock lockers. Which is best?

    The important question in this instance is “what situations are these lockers most suited to?” Coin Retain lockers are useful for gyms and swimming pools where the user of the locker is paying to use the facilities. The coin inserted into the locker will either be used as a deposit or as additional income. Coin Return lockers allow multi-user where the user uses a coin to be able to remove the key and lock the locker. They only get their coin back when they re-insert the key. Padlock locked lockers are excellent for personal use either at school or in the factory and avoid worrying about keys. Digital lockers are a key-less alternative that can be used in any situation and are available in mechanical or battery operated electronic models .

  • What am I going to store and protect?

    Lockers are used to secure valuables in several different places, with the most common being factories, schools, gyms and swimming pools. You will often store different items in them according to where you are.  Our waterproof or water resistant plastic lockers are designed for use In a gym or swimming pool, you'll probably store dry or wet clothing, holdalls, hand bags and mobile phones. A locker in a factory will often contain bags, clothes and items such as rings and watches which could be damaged by machinery. A school locker will be used to store books folders and games kit.

  • Where can I buy spare locker keys?

    Lost the keys to your locker? Don't worry! Safe Options offer spare locker keys, so order them online or for advice contact us.

  • How long does my order take?

    Here at Safe Options, most of our lockers are made to order, so expect your order to take between 5 days for our quick delivery range or 2 to 3 weeks for our standard ranges.

  • What if my question isn't here?

  • Question 1

    If you still haven't found what you are looking for after reading through the above article, then get in touch with us for assistance. Call us on 0800 567 7549 or email us here and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you.