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Key storage is necessary in the NHS, Police and Schools as well as most businesses, especially those involved with vehicle keys and property keys. Not sure what is best for you? - just give us a call on 0800 567 7549 and we can help you with friendly impartial advice even though we are an online store!
Whether you are a Car dealer or an Estate agent Safe Options has a solution to secure and store any quantity of keys from 1 up to 3000 with various levels of security.
Furthermore we can offer Slam shut doors that close automatically, extra deep cabinets to store large bunches of keys or even outdoor key safes to ensure that single key for the home is always there when you really need it. If you want to know where your keys are then check out our Key Tracking cabinets. Emergency Key Boxes and Outdoor Key Safes are ideal for storing essential keys either at home or work. Retractable Key reels ensure you never lose your vital keys - fixed to you or your work surface.

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Safe Options offers the widest range of Key Storage to be found in the UK. Most of our Key storage range can be delivered on a UK next working day service if the order is received by noon.

All you need to know about Key Storage


How many keys can I store?

We offer key capacities from 1-5 in small outdoor key safes right up to 3000 keys in high security floor standing safes. As with most companies the majority are designed to store 1-3 small keys, but to allow the storage of bunches of keys, extra long keys and vehicle transponders we have key cabinets with deeper bodies, double spaced key hook bars and off set key hook bars so that long keys don't interfere with keys stored below. We can offer Key cabinets of this type with key bunch capacities from 25 up to 500, which are ideal for Letting and Property Agents as well as Vehicle Rental, Sales and Service businesses


What Type of lock is best for key storage cabinets?

We recommend mechanical or electronic locking, which allows multi-use without dozens of keys having to be allocated than with key locking (and getting lost! ). And if you need to have a record of when the cabinet was opened and by whom then you can plump for a Audit Controlled Key Cabinet, which allows the history of use to be viewed at any time by management - time, date and user. Mechanical digital locks are a great alternative in industrial environments - programmable pin code operated, no batteries, Slam Shut Locking, no keys and really durable and with emergency access by key if required.


Which Key Cabinets allow you to organise your keys effectively?

Most entry level key cabinets have just fixed position key hooks, which do not allow any flexibility to allow the accomodation of longer keys or even bunches of keys. Our System Key Cabinets by Keysecure and Securikey include both removable and adjustable height key hooks bars to allow the flexibility required. In addition System Key Cabinets all have both colour coded and numbered key hooks with matching key ring tags.


Storing Safety Lockout Padlocks in your factory

To comply with Health and Safety procedures most industrial complexes utilise safety lockout procedures which utilise the use of padlocks to isolate machinery while repairs and maintenance are being attempted in order to prevent accidents. Our range of Padlock storage cabinets can store from 25-500 padlocks in a single floor or wall mounted cabinet and have a wide range of locking options.


Are all outdoor key safes the same?

We offer Key Safes for use by carers visiting the elderly and infirm as well as for holiday homes and to allow access to your home by your children.However, not all Key Safes are the same. Most are not independently tested and certified for their ability to withstand a physical attack - however some are, and the most secure is the Keyguard Digital XL. All models are wall mountable and are either locked using a 4 wheel combination lock or a mechanical digital push button lock - both can be easily re-programmed whenever you wish.


What are Key Reels?

Key Reels ensure that your keys do not wander or get mislaid. We offer a premium range of retractable Key reels from Securikey and Keybak with either 60cm or 120cm length reels. The reels are offered with either steel chain or unbreakable kevlar cord for extra strength. Retractable Key reels can be used by attaching to your belt via a loop connection for the utmost security or a clip-on version to be attached to a belt, trouser or skirt waistband. Some can be bolted to a work surface or a cash till point so they can't be removed if they are needed to operate machines or tills.


Emergency Access Key Boxes for use at Fire Exits or near Machinery

Our wide range of Key Access Boxes are available with and without glass window doors and are pre-drilled for easy fixing to any wall. Locking options include Key, Euro profile key, Plastic security seals  and Hasp for padlock locking. We can also supply a hammer that is attached to the box by a chain to assist in breaking the glass window in the event of an emergency. 


We offer only the top brands of Key Storage

Choose from Key Cabinets from Burton Safes, Keysecure, Phoenix Safe, Securikey and Sterling - brands that offer quality, quick delivery and superb after sales service - just like us!.


Do you have any other questions?

If you do have another question, don't be afraid to get in contact with us. Give us a call on 0800 567 7549 or email us. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be only too happy to answer your query.

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