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Steel Storage Cabinets for office and industrial use. Choose from a wide selection of Probe Office Stationery Cabinets, Armorgard quick delivery flammable cabinets and Bedford Industrial fully welded steel storage cabinets with various options in size, shelf configuration, colour and door type. Safe Options also supply Hazardous Substances Cabinets for the safe storage of chemicals, solvents, toxic materials and personal protection equipment to COSHH standards. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Storing Items Indoors Securely


Workplaces and industrial environments that have valuable equipment to protect, or hazardous COSHH storage requirements should be able to find the perfect storage solution here.

We are often asked what the right storage cabinet is to protect specific items. Take a look below at some of our most frequently asked questions:


  • What are steel cabinets for?

    Steel cabinets are ideal storage solutions for use in both offices and industrial premises or building sites. Their robust shelves are designed to take weights of up to 100kg and are available in a wide range of sizes, shelf configurations, door types and colours. Safe Options currently offer a variety of designs including one and two door models, steel cubes and a caretaker's steel cabinet featuring shelving and hanging space.

  • Why Are Medicines Stored In a Steel Cabinet?

    Medicines are stored in a secure steel cabinet to avoid deterioration and from being stolen. Drugs can break down if left in warm environments, especially tablets and capsules which can then cause problems for those using them. Medical steel cabinets keep medication cool and dry, as well as keeping them locked and out of the sight of criminals.

  • What Is The Difference Between a COSHH Cabinet And a Metal Cabinet?

    Designed to comply with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations, the COSHH cabinet is purposely designed to protect users from hazardous substances and fire and are colour coded for quick identification by emergerncy services. Built to stop leakage and contamination, these cabinets will also retain their structural integrity when placed in extreme conditions.

  • Why use COSHH storage cabinets?

    Many industrial workplaces contain a variety of dangerous chemicals. Employers are required by law ensure that their staff have adequate protection from hazardous chemicals. This is where COSHH storage cabinets come in.

    COSHH stands for 'Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health' and is a regulation that ensures all employers control hazardous substances. COSHH cabinets will protect you and your staff from such substances and also protect those substances from fire. Safe Options stock secure safety cabinets that fully meet COSHH regulations.

  • My Question Isn't Answered Here

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