Key Tracking Key Cabinets

Mechanical Key Tracking Key Cabinets allow only authorised personnel to retrieve their chosen key by inserting their own Personal Key Access Peg into the board to release the key and their Key Access Peg is retained in the board until the key is replaced. Simple but effective control of keys in the workplace. Each authorised user is given one or more Key Access Pegs ( Blue Pegs ) which releases the chosen key that is attached to the white peg. There are 3 models secured by digital locks, which secure 25, 50 and 100 Pegs respectively and a further 10, 30 and 100 keys on standard hooks fixed to the rear of the door. Each cabinet is supplied with a heavy duty mechanical digital push button lock with options to upgrade to either the same lock with a emergency key override or an Electronic with up to 80 programmable user codes and also with a key override.

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