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Mobile Trailer Safety Support Stand by Dancop. This gas operated HGV trailer support stand or trestle is TUV certified to offer the assurance that it meets your safety requirement by withstanding a weight of up to 40 tonnes, when the HGV trailer is unhooked from the truck. Provides the safety you require when loading or unloading cargo from articulated trailers. 

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Trailer Support Stands
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  1. Dancop DVS1 Gas Powered Mobile HGV Trailer Support
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    £1,794.00 inc VAT
    • External Dimensions
      H 1344 x W 760 mm
    • Weight (kg)
      Weight 86Kgicon86Kg (13.5 stone)
    • Volume (litres)
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The safety benefits of the Dancop DVS1 trailer support stand

Loading bays are notoriously dangerous places, and improving health and safety and reducing costly incidents is a major concern of most employers in the sector.
The loading zones are the most critical linchpin in industrial companies, for forwarding agents and goods handling centres. This importance makes maximum safety all the more crucial to avoid damage to personnel, machinery and stock. If there are complications here, the loading zone is blocked in the worst case or needs urgent repairs.

HGV trailers toppling over for various reasons is a common cause of injury and damage. Learn how using Dancop's Crash Stop Trailer Stand is a quick and effective way of improving safety in your docking bay.

Investing in this simple safety measure could safeguard your personnel and equipment, reducing the likelihood of accidents, and therefore, negating any costly personal injury claims, as well as avoiding expensive repair bills and troublesome downtime.

Industry specialists believe that the utilisation of safety measures such as the Crash Stop Trailer Stand is the best way of providing a safer and more productive working environment. If you need to fulfil some of the statutory health and safety obligations, where failure to comply could lead to a severe fine, investing in the Crash Stop Trailer Stand is highly recommended.

Why is loading and unloading a trailer so dangerous?

Loading and unloading a container, especially when a fork-lift truck is involved can be a hazardous business, with the potential for a trailer that has uncoupled from the cab to become unstable and unbalanced quickly.

When the trailer is released, the weight distribution of the trailer and contents shifts, from just above the axle wheels (when full) to over the trailer support wheels (when half-full). When this happens without the operator's realisation, the scenario is that of a disaster waiting to happen. Stressed by the merged weight of cargo and fork-lifts, trailers can quickly up-end, or landing gear can collapse, resulting in situations that can easily be devastating situations for workers or bystanders. Trailer stability is also affected by a complicated relationship involving several axles, trailer weight, landing gear placement, weight and placement of cargo, load and position of fork-lift trucks and more.

Using a fork-lift in these conditions may lead to damage to the road surface, the trailer chassis, or result in a significant breach of health and safety risk if the trailer tips or falls forward. Knowledge of the load and stability ratings of all the different equipment in the marketplace is above the paygrade of the majority of fork-lift operators, making every trip into the nose of the trailer a gamble.

Avoid this with the Dancop's Crash Stop Trailer Stand, which is specifically designed to act as a trailer stabiliser or third support while loading and unloading.

The height-adjustable support additionally prevents any un-authorised units from coupling to the trailer. An additional locking bracket and padlock can also be supplied to secure the lowering lever for longer-term use. When it comes to avoiding costly compensation claims, it's vital to ensure you have a leg to stand on - and the Crash Stop Trailer Stand is the leg in question.

How does the Dancop DVS1 trailer support stand work?

When the cab is freed from the trailer, the trailer is at risk of collapse unless a secondary support system is utilised. For strength and support, Dancop's Trailer Stand can be easily placed under a trailer's front end to help prevent mishap and tragedy.

The Crash Stop line from Dancop offers you optimal protection with the modular truck entry aids and the TÜV-certified loading support for trucks with a total weight of 40 tonnes. The properties of the loading support, in particular, are unique on the market.

Avoid accidents when loading and unloading unhooked trailers by preventing the container from up-ending or toppling with the help of the Dancop Crash Stop Trailer Support Stand.
The Crash Stop is TUV certified and can be operated by a single employee. The Dancop Crash Stop DVS1 will instantly improve loading bay security for uncoupled HGV trailers and features a safe weight capacity of up to 40 tonnes.

Features of the Dancop DVS1 trailer support stand

The Dancop Crash Stop Trailer Support Stand for safe handling of unhitched trailers is made from fully welded high-grade steel. It is enormously durable while being easy to use with a gas activated self-levelling system. When the chosen height is achieved, it locks into position.
It is also compact when not in use so you can keep it in a confined space if necessary.

Its dimensions are as follows:
Height adjustable from 1025mm to 1344mm
Large Contact Pad - 760mm x 120mm
Fitted with 2 x 380mm diameter pneumatic wheels

The exterior is finished in an ultra-visible yellow coating for additional safety.

How can I use the Dancop Crash StopTrailer Support Stand?
Wheel it into the desired position. One person can do this - there's no need to call a team together.
Operate the Dancop Crash Stop using the gas-operated self-levelling system. It takes the guesswork out of levelling.
Alter the height of the Dancop Support Stand which ranges from 1025mm and 1344mm in height.
The large Trailer Support Pad is suitable for all trailers with its large size (760mm x 120mm).

Safety Recommendations when using the Dancop DVS1 trailer support stand

This trailer stand should not touch the container during regular use, so there should not be any pressure from above.
If the trailer collapses, contact will be made, and the presence of the trailer stand will stop an accident from happening.
You should always leave several centimetres space between the position of the stand and the trailer.For more information about the benefits of the Crash Stop Trailer Stand by Dancop or any of Safe Options' other innovative safety solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.