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Protect your valuables - Gold, Jewellery, Watches with an Insurance approved Eurograde Certified security safe, but choosing a safe is not easy - in fact it's mind boggling: so many to choose from - do I need security or fire resistance?  - how much should I pay? Which ssecurity grade is best for me?  We can help, just as we have for the past 20+ years online, by being here at the end of the phone to answer those difficult questions with honesty and clarity - just give us a call on 0800 567 7549 for all your questions regarding Eurograde Insurance Approved High Security Safes. Alternatively check out the most common queries and answers at the bottom of the page.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Eurograde High Security Safes

Eurograde Security Safes offer the highest certified security available for the secure storage of cash and valuables such as jewellery. Eurograde Safes are classified by a value based on the Insurance cover you may require frtom £6000 up to £150,000 for cash storage or 10x these values for valuables such as jewellery. All our Eurograde High Security Safes have been tested by Insurance Certified Independent Testing Laboratories to the Security standard of EN1143-1 or EN1143-2 (for Deposit Drop Safes) unless otherwise stated. Check out a few of the most popular Eurograde brands - Chubbsafes Duoguard, Burton Safes, Phoenix safe and De Raat Prisma

  • What Eurograde standards are available?

    The following maximum insurance cash storage values are covered by different grades of Eurograde high security safes:

    Eurograde 0 - £6,000, Eurograde 1 - £10,000, Eurograde 2 - £17,500, Eurograde 3 - £35,000, Eurograde 4 - £60,000, Eurograde 5 - £100,000, Eurograde 6 - £150,000, Eurograde 7 - £250,000

    Multiply the above figures by 10 to assess the normal insurance valuables (Jewellery etc) limits for each grade.

  • Key lock, electronic pin code lock or fingerprint lock. Which is best?

    Eurograde Electronic locks are Vds certified for high security applications and can be set to allow more than one person to use the safe and lets you set your own pin code. Key operated Vds locks are highly secure, dependable and supplied with at least 2 keys as standard, but need to be closely supervised in case of theft or simply misplacing them - remember don't put the spare key in the safe!. Biometric fingerprint safes require no number combination or key, just your fingerprint, although most also allow access via a pin code as well. Key locking is preferrd by many, but where do you hide the key and what if you lose a key - it is costly to replace locks.

  • What am I going to store and protect?

    Eurograde Safes offer the ultimate in security and protection of both cash and valuables for your business or home. Because they are independently tested to EN1143-1 and approved by AIS - The Association of Insurance Sureveyors - you can be assured that if properly installed your safe will protect cash, jewellery, valuable collectables, personal laptops and tablets such iPADs from theft. Always purchase the most secure safe you can afford within your budget - a safe is a delaying device and the higher the level of security the longer it would take for any one to successfully, physically attack a Eurograde Safe.

  • Should a Eurograde Safe be securely bolted?

    Definitely - otherwise someone may steal your safe! For Eurograde safes weighing less than 100kg it is a simple task to install the safe yourself or by anyone with basic DIY knowledge, or we can arrange a professional installation at extra cost. Just place the safe where you would like it fixed and use the safe as template by marking the position of the bolt holes via the pre-drilled holes in the base or rear face. Then remove the safe away and drill holes using a power drill with a masonry drill bit, move the safe into position and fix and tighten the expansion bolts supplied. When installing on a wood floorl, fix the safe onto the joists, being careful to avoid any piping or electrical wiring. Alternatively with all our high security and heavy safes we offer a professional nationwide installation service.

  • How much should I spend?

    It goes without saying that the more expensive a safe is, the higher the level of protection it will offer you. A model that best suits your budget, coupled with the highest insurance rating available in your price range, will be the ideal purchase for your company. If money is an issue, there are many mid range models of Eurograde Safes that might provide the level of security you need. If you need advice contact us via our chat line, contact us page or telephone.

  • Are a Eurograde Deposit Safes really secure?

    All Deposit Drop Safes that are certified to Eurograde Standard EN1143-2 are Insurance approved to a grade between 0 and 5 offering Insurance Cash Limits between £6,000 and £100,000 depending on the grade. Bespoke Drop Safes, such as the Rotary models by Dudley, conform to EN1143-2, but are not independently certified. Most insurance companies are not concerned at this due to the high reputatation of Dudley Safe as a leading British manufacturer. All of their Drop safes are converted from standard fully certified (en1143-1) Eurograde safes.

  • Do Eurograde Safes offer Fire Resistance?

    Eurograde Safes are typically designed to withstand a physical attack during a burglary, but some have between 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance for paper too. They prevent thieves from stealing cash or valuables and can repel attempts to bludgeon or pull apart the safe. A Fire Safe is built to survive being engulfed in flames and to keep paperwork from burning or suffering smoke damage. However, these safes may not be able to take prolonged physical assault for long. Eurograde Hybrid safes from both Phoenix Safe and Chubbsafes that have both Fire and Burglary Resistance are available from Safe Optons.

  • What if my question isn't here?

    If you have read through all of the above information and you still haven't found what you are looking for, then get in touch with us. You can contact us via our chat line, contact page or call us on freephone 0800 567 7549 where our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you.

Eurograde 0 safes

Eurograde certified security safes tested to EN1143-1 offer are the gold standard in security and all safes in this range are either tested by ECBS in Europe or Sold Secure/LPCB in the UK. The entry level grade is 0, which insurers normally cover the customer for either £6000 in cash or £60,000 in valuables such as jewellery, watches or other collectibles. British insurance companies, advised by AIS - Association of Insurance Surveyors - usually insist that the safe must be installed according to the manufacturer's and testing authorities recommendations. This usually means that the safe should be bolted through the base into a solid concrete floor. This need not be completed by a professional and on occasion some insurers will accept an alternative method of fixing such as through the rear into a solid wall. Check with your insurer if in doubt.

Eurograde 1 safes

Eurograde 1 safes, tested to EN 1143-1 are approved by British insurance companies to secure up to £10,000 in cash or £100,000 inn valuables or a mixture of both - for example £4000 cash and £60,000 in valuables. This grade is probably the most popular for home use particularly because there is so little difference in price between Grade 0 and Grade 1. Furthermore it is probably a wise and cost effective decision to purchase a safe with a cash rating above your present needs in order to keep pace with inflation - no doubt collectible watches and jewellery may grow in value of the years. Most eurograde safes are manufactured in easter europe, but if you would prefer to buy British then look no further than the family owned Dudley Europa Safes - Eurograde safes manufactured in the West Midlands.

Eurograde 2 safes

When you begin to inspect safes with the Eurograde 2 certification you will notice immediately that they are much heavier than similar size safes in the Grade 0 or 1 classification. Eurograde 2 safes are designed to secure up to £17,500 in cash or £175,000 in valuables and are well worth the extra investment for the protection they offer. However their weight generally precludes DIY installation due to their weight apart from the smallest models.  In this situation, as with all our safes, we do offer a professional installation service and if necessary a pre-delivery site visit to iron out any potential issues with regards to safety and to ensure the proposed location is ideal.