What is the best way to store bunches of keys?

What is the best way to store bunches of keys?

Does your workplace require secure storage for keys to rooms and areas that not everyone should be able to access or that are so important that the keys to them should never be taken off-site by individual members of staff?

Whether your workplace is a factory, a power station, an office suite, a hospital or health care centre, a hotel or serviced accommodation block, a club or leisure centre, a museum or library, a school or university, a government office or department, or a laboratory or research station, the secure storage of keys is sure to be an important concern to maintain security.

Keysecure KSE50 Car Key Cabinet

Car rental and vehicle dealers, property maintenance companies, estate agents, letting agencies, and fire alarm and security organisations, are typical of the type of businesses that often need to store and organise large quantities of keys, especially whole bunches of keys, on-site.

Whatever the type of organisation, key personnel as well as some cleaning staff and security staff may in fact need access to bunches of keys so that they can perform their daily duties. But where should these bunches of keys be kept when they go home after their shifts, to ensure that they are not stolen, copied or lost, with the result that the security of entire areas of your workplace is potentially compromised?

Tall storage cabinet for bunches of keys

A common solution is to store such keys in an on-site cabinet that is itself highly secure, both by virtue of its location in an area of the premises that is only accessible to trusted and authorised site administrators, and thanks to a securely lockable design and construction.

However, keys are very variable in their size, and not all secure key storage cabinets are equally well designed to accommodate the practical space requirements of real-world sets of keys. Bunches of keys can be a problem to organise, secure and store.

Most key safes don't allow sufficient space within the cabinet for key bunches, owing to the profile of the cabinet and the internal spacing of the key hooks being designed in such a way that each hook accommodates 2-3 keys at most.

So in standard key cabinets and safes, this results in bunches of keys being crammed into the cabinet and squashed against its frame as well as against each other, and then commonly falling out as soon as the door is opened. Such an arrangement is impractical and may shorten the life of the cabinet as well as increasing the risk of keys being misidentified because they are no longer in their proper places.

Broad car key bunch storage cabinet

Safe Options have specialised in key storage for over twenty years, and we have a wide range of solutions for storing bunches of keys, with wall-fixed key cabinets storing from 15 to 100 key bunches, and floor-standing key cabinets to store 300, 400 or 500 key bunches.

Our specially-designed vehicle, automotive and property key cabinets incorporate double-spaced key hooks and deeper cabinets so key bunches don't snag each other, as well as adjustable-height key hook bars so that longer keys can easily be stored.

Keysecure double-spaced key cabinet

In addition, our Key Bunch Storage Cabinets are available with a wide choice of locking methods to suit the security needs of your organisation. These include Mastered Key and Euro-Profile Key Locks to work with in-house lock operations, mechanical push-button Locks, and simple electronic digital, multi-user and audit-controlled locks that can monitor the opening and closing of the cabinet, by time, date and user.

Keysecure key storage lock options

What’s more, our high-quality secure key storage solutions are not expensive. Our wall-mounted lockable cabinets with 25 hooks start at just £162 inc. VAT, while those for 50 hooks start at £218.40, and our 100-hook solutions are available from £374.40 – that’s less than £4 per bunch of keys.

Contact Safe Options today for our recommendations on the best secure key cabinet for your organisational needs and budget. We look forward to being of service!