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Key storage is necessary in most businesses, especially those involved with vehicle keys and property keys.
Whether you're a Car dealer or an Estate agent Safe Options has a solution to secure and store any quantity of keys from 1 up to 3000 with various levels of security.
We offer Key Cabinets with Slam shut doors that close automatically, extra deep cabinets to store large bunches of keys and a wide range of locking options from key to auditable electronic locks

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Does your workplace require secure storage for keys to rooms and areas that not everyone should be able to access or that are so important that the keys to them should never be taken off-site by individual members of staff?

 Key cabinets are used in a variety of businesses and are designed to store either 1-2 keys per key hook or bunches of keys and vehicle transponders with key hook capacities from 1-3000.

Frequently Asked Questions about Key Cabinets


As we are one of the largest suppliers of Key Storage Cabinets in the UK we are regularly asked  questions about the organisation, storage and security of keys. Here we try to answer those question:


Which is the most secure - Key or Combination Locking?

Our answer is that both are secure as the other, but in most businesses losing keys is a regular occurrence. So if you are going to have multiple users using the key cabinet then we suggest you purchase a combination lock and save the expense of replacing keys.


What type of combination locks are available for Key Storage Cabinets?

There are two basic types - Mechanical Digital Locks which don't require batteries and with optional Key override or Electronic Digital Locks powered by standard alkaline batteries. Some people are conerned that they maybe locked out if they fail to replace the battery in time - don't worry, the clever little microchip in the design remembers the last programmed pin code even if the battery goes flat. In addition you may wish to consider Audit Control Electronic Locks - these monitor the user, time and date of each opening of the cabinet and this can be viewed at any time by a Manager to check on use.


How can I make sure Key Cabinets are re-locked after use?

There are two options to reduce or stop this practice. We offer special slam shut locks on all our Key Storage Cabinets that are supplied with Mechanical Digital Locks - as soon as you push the door closed it immediately locks and you will need to re-enter a pin code to re-open the cabinet. If that isn't enough we also offer a mechanical Self Closing spring mechanism that closes the door automatically as soon as the door is released by the user. Simple but effective.


We need to store Bunches of Keys but our present cabinet can't cope?

As you would expect we do have a solution. The problem lies in that 90% of Key Storage Cabinets are designed to only store 1-3 keys per hook. Bunches of keys just get tangled together and fall off the key hooks because the hooks are set too close together and the cabinets are not deep enough. Our answer is simple - we offer Key hooks with double the space between hooks, a deeper cabinet, 140mm instead of 80mm, and adjustable height key hook bars so that longer keys can be accommodated.


How many keys can I store in a Key Cabinet?

We offer Key Cabinets that will store fro 20 single keys right up to 3000 keys. Our wall mounted key cabinets have capacities from 20 to 700 keys and our Floor standing cabinets will store from around 1000 keys right up to 3000. If you want to store key bunches or large vehicle transponders then we can offer them with capacities from 25 up to 500 key bunches - wall fixed up to 200 and floor standing for 300, 400 or 500 bunches.


Are some key storage cabinets more secure than others??

There are various levels of security available depending whether you want to protect the keys from casual theft or serious attack. Standard entry key cabinets use metal that is around 1.2mm thick ( Cheap ones less than 1mm )and use simple cam locks while Premium cabinets have a 2-3mm body thickness and use either quality dead bolts or slam shut locks. For resistance to serious attack we offer Key Cabinets designed just like safes with thick body armour over the lock mechanism and heavy duty bolts locked by security tested locks. These are available in wall mounted versions for up to 300 hooks but for larger capacities from 960-3000 keys their heavy weight precludes this and they need to be floor standing or floor bolted. 


How can I fit a Key Cabinet?

First of all ideally you need to fix the cabinet to a solid wall - these are usually an exterior wall so that the weight can be supported and also because the cabinet would be more difficult to remove. The cabinet is pre-drilled in the back panel so use the cabinet as a template and with the use of a spirit level and pencil mark the drill points. Remove the safe - drill the holes in the wall with an electric hammer drill hles to suit the screws, plugs or bolts you are using. Insert the plugs and then re-position the cabinet and screw into the wall


What brands of Key Cabinets do you supply?

We only offer the brands that offer quality and great after sales service as we never want an unsatisfied customer. Choose from Key Cabinets from Burton Safes, Keysecure, Phoenix Safe, Securikey and Sterling.


I have another question about key storage cabinets. Can you assist?

If you do have another question, don't be afraid to get in contact with us. Give us a call on 0800 567 7549 or email us. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be only too happy to answer your query.

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