Outdoor Locker Storage for Schools

Outdoor Locker Storage for Schools

Our school plastic lockers offer a convenient storage solution for sheltered outdoor use or indoor in condensation-prone areas.

A high humidity environment near the showers or exposure to drips and rain in a covered outdoor area can wreak havoc on traditional metal school lockers. When they come into contact with water or high levels of moisture, metal lockers will develop rust, corrode and often even warp—making them inoperable. Even storing damp items like towels or coats in a metal locker can contribute. Corrosion is one of the primary reasons why metal lockers can require replacement in as little as three to five years from the date of purchase.

Plastic lockers are specially designed to overcome this problem. They won’t rust or corrode, and can be used outdoors to save space within the school, protecting the contents inside from steam or rain. They’re adaptable and colourful too, and more resistant to dents and scratches than some metal lockers.

Leading locker manufacturer PURE Lockers offer 3 sizes of their EXTREME plastic lockers, which being modular, can be used in various combinations from individual modules that can be attached together to offer various size and colour combinations or we can deliver them pre-built in 2, 3 or 4 compartment lockers which are all a full 180cm in height.


PURE EXTREME PRE-BUILT 2, 3 or 4 Tier Lockers


Pure Extreme 4 Tier Plastic Locker

Pure Extreme 4 Tier Plastic Locker

Pure 3 Tier Plastic Locker

Pure Extreme 3 Tier Plastic Locker

Pure Extreme 2 Tier Plastic Locker

Pure Extreme 2 Tier Plastic Locker









All of these water resistant lockers are available pre-built in 2, 3, or 4 door options and a range of 3 colours.

Perhaps you don’t have space indoors for lockers – you can put these out in the playground where students can grab their coats or sports kit on their way in or out. They’re also a good choice for locations that might get sprayed with water, e.g. next to the showers.

PURE EXTREME lockers can withstand most weather conditions if sheltered outdoors and keep the locker contents nice and dry. PURE EXTREME lockers have waterproof cam key locks or a waterproof hasp and staple if you prefer. You can choose some optional extras too, like adjustable feet or sloping tops..


PURE EXTREME Individual Module Lockers

Pure Extreme 90cm High

Pure Extreme 90cm High Module

Pure Extreme 60cm High

Pure Extreme 60cm High Module

Pure Extreme 45cm High

Pure Extreme 45cm High Module









These plastic modular lockers are available in 3 heights 45, 60 and 90 cm and each is 32cm wide and 45cm deep - the 45cm height is just the right size for school bags or a primary school child’s possessions. What’s great about these is that you can arrange and fix them together in any configuration you like, making good use of the space you have even in an odd-shaped room. You can also mix and match colours, creating a colourful wall of lockers.

If your students need a little more storage space, PURE EXTREME 60cm or 90cm high modular lockers might be a good solution. Each compartment is taller than the small entry height, so there is more space for each student’s items such as Sports Kit back packs. Pure Extreme modular locker units are all the same width and depth so you can mix and match the types and still create a smart-looking locker area.

Added bonuses of plastic lockers

Furthermore Pure Extreme plastic school lockers are not only water-resistant but robust too. All Pure Extreme plastic lockers come with heavy duty concealed hinges, a super strong polyethylene door and body and sturdy frames, making them resistant to attempted vandalism. They’re also graffiti proof – always a bonus in a school environment. You can easily hose them down at the end of the school year thanks to a drainage hole inside each locker.

Get in touch for more advice

If water-resistant anti-vandal lockers are what your school needs, or you’re attracted by the other features of PURE’s EXTREME plastic locker range, have a look at these three recommendations, browse the website, or call our experts for further advice on 0800 567 7549 – we’re always happy to help.