Emergency Access Key Boxes

Emergency Access Key Box? Break Glass to Access! Safe Options have a wide range of key boxes for emergency access to be used at fire exits, near vital machinery and for emergency access to any secure area. 
Some supplied with a metal hammer to break glass and secured to the box by a chain. We can supply both replacement glass panels, security tags and replacement locks as required.

Key Storage Use
Choice of Key Storage Lock
Key Hooks
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External Height (mm)
External Width (mm)
External Depth (mm)
Fixing Options
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Usual Delivery Time
For Dispatch Today (Mon to Fri) (subject to stock)

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Many of us keep a spare house key hidden around the premises, either for our children or in case we lock ourselves out, but this can be an open invitation to burglars.
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Outdoor key boxes are designed to be used in the event of an emergency to store a spare key which can only be accessed by smashing the glass with a hammer.
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