The Benefits of Power Tool Charging Lockers

The Benefits of Power Tool Charging Lockers

Building sites can often be chaotic places, with heavy footfall and people from all sorts of trades working on site. Lots of tradesmen often result in lots of power tools and these power tools become an essential part of their work day.

Take a look at the benefits of having power tool charging lockers for your workplace or building site.

1. Keeps power tools safe

First and foremost, power tool charging stations and lockers will keep power tools safe and secure when they are not in use.

Power tools are expensive to replace and are often a target for thieves as they know they can sell them on for a good price. To avoid the risk of tools being stolen or misplaced during break times or overnight, power tool lockers are the perfect addition to any building site and give extra piece of mind, particularly for workers travelling who often have to leave their tools in a car or van.

The lockers also avoid any confusion or quibbles over where someone has left their tools.

2. Makes work more efficient

Rather than having to keep going back and forth to their van, by having lockers those working on site will have easy storage for their items and easy access throughout the day.

Charging lockers also allow tools to be charged over lunch or overnight, which is handy for contractors who don’t live nearby and don’t want to traipse their tools in to a hotel or B&B.

This saves time and effort throughout the day and allows any contractors to work more efficiently. For sites where footfall is particularly heavy, the Defender Battery Rank is a great option thanks to its large capacity and improved sturdiness.

3. Health and safety

Having lots of power tools hanging around can present a real health and safety issue. Some require operating by those who have experience in using them, plus having lots of tools plugged in charging can present the risk of tripping over cables or the tools themselves.

Power tool charging lockers offer a safe place to charge power tools, without having to leave them in random places on site.

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