What are Hotel Safes?

Guests will forget their safe combinations! Whilst choosing a standard budget safe instead of a hotel designed specifically for hotel use might seem like a good way to save money, it really is not! Hotel safes have management override facilities that allow you to gain access to the safe if your guests lose the keys or forget the combination that they have chosen. If your guests forget the combination of a standard combination safe then there is no way to gain access to the contents of the safe without damaging the safe, rendering it useless.

The Burton Standard Hotel Safe is a basic model security safe designed for those on a tight budget … but it still has a management override facility to gain access should your guests forget their combination code.

Hotel safe master key With an Electronic digital hotel safe (Battery operated), guests must enter a code of their choosing in order to lock the safe and this same code must be used again to open the safe again, if the guest forgets their combination code then, depending on the type of safe, it can be opened using either a master code or key, which is retained by the hotel management.

The Sagasafe Electronic Digital safe (pictured) is suitable for both general use and hotel guest use, it comes with a mechanical override key.

Swipe card hotel safe Hotel safes are available that can be opened and closed with a swipe card instead of a combination or key, this means that the same card used for unlocking the room door could be used to open the safe or if the hotel prefers the customer could use their own credit card.

The Phoenix Imperial Cardswipe Audit Safe 0988 (pictured) can be opened with a combination code or a credit or swipe card.

Hotel room safes increase guest confidenceWhilst thefts from hotel rooms are extemely rare, the presence of
a safe in your hotel room, could be the difference between a guest
choosing your hotel or staying with one of your competitors.

The Burton Audit Trail Handheld Device (pictured) allows you to download the last 100 events and put them onto your computer. Each of these 100 events will detail the date, time, and operation. This level of security increases guest confidence in hotel security and assists if your guest complains that someone may have opened their safe when they were out.

Hotel room safe auditing Because hotel safes have a management override function, there is the possibility that a guest could accuse staff at the hotel of gaining unathorised access to the safe, so some hotel safes have an audit function which will list up to the last 100 opening times of the safe.

The Phoenix Imperial Digital Audit Safe 0987 (pictured) has an audit trail facility

Hotel laptop safe Carefully check the size of safe before ordering, some hotel safes are too small to accomodate a laptop computer, and larger hotel safes are only large enough for laptops with 15″ or 16″ displays.

The Technomax Laptop digital electronic hotel safe (pictured) can accomodate laptops with 15″ & 16″ displays.

Room safes reduce value of items stored in a central location Thieves tend to target valuables that are stored in a central location to make stealing worthwhile and in-room safes eliminate the downsides to safety deposit boxes and larger safes that are stored behind the hotel reception desk.

The Burton Superior Hotel Room Safe (pictured) designed for valuable items such as laptops,jewellery, travellers cheques, cash, credit cards, cameras etc.

Guests prefer to choose their own combination code Recent research based on surveys of international hotel chains, suggests that most business travellers prefer the security of digital hotel room safes because they are simple to use and allow them to choose their own access code.

The Technomax Basic Hotel Safe (pictured) lets each guest choose their own 3-8 digit access code.

Hotel safes offer protection for up to £1000 cash Hotel room safes provide a secure place for travellers to keep
travel documents, travel papers, travellers cheques, jewellery and up
to £1000 in cash other than traditional safety deposit boxes or safes
that are kept in the hotel reception area.

The Sagasafe Electronic Digital safe(pictured) is suitable for both general use and hotel guest use, it offers protection for up to £1000 cash if bolted down and agreement is established with your insurer.

Hotel room safe bolt down service Remember to have any hotel safes that you buy securely bolted down,
or your guests may decide they like it enough to take it home!

Safeoptions.co.uk sell a wide range of hotel safes, and all these safes should be considered useful for multi-occupancy environments such as hospitals, boarding
schools, student apartments, hostels, prisons, remand centres and residential care homes.