Are Site Boxes Secure from the Elements?

Are Site Boxes Secure from the Elements?

Outdoor site boxes are designed with not only security in mind but also shelter from a number of conditions like frost, rain, flooding and fire.

Depending on your needs, you can select the size (width and height) necessary to accommodate your valuables as well as extra features like mobility, fire resistance, chemical hazard protection, and more. Armorgard is just one of a number of manufacturers who produce these invaluable outdoor containers. Depending on the space you have available or the contents you intend to store, there’s a low cost solution out there for practically everyone. In this post, we’ll have a detailed discussion on:
  • The features that make site boxes suitable for outdoor use
  • Which site box manufacturers come highly rated
  • How to determine what the appropriate metal container is for you

Aesthetically Appealing and Durable Protection

Often times, outdoor site boxes are made tough but not necessarily aesthetically appealing. While durability has a substantial bearing on your product choice, it is also important to keep in mind that the container will be visible to employees and anyone else who has access to the work site. For that reason, a powder finish is a highly regarded feature. Powder coated site boxes are superior for many reasons including the overall improved quality of the product, more impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. Compared to the traditional liquid paints, powder coated parts provide a uniform finish that is resistant to peeling, cracking, plus wear and tear. They also have a financial benefit in that they are more cost effective and less expensive to manufacture.  Nearly all the site boxes offered by Safe Options have powder coated finishes. For example, the Armorgard Tuffstor Outdoor Cabinet has fully welded construction, powder coating and dual security key locking. Unlike liquid paint, these containers are more environmentally friendly because they don’t produce the same harmful pollutants as liquids.  All of these factors are important to keep in mind while searching for your home or worksite.

Welding Creates a Stronger Metal Container

Ensure that the site box or metal cabinet you select has a fully welded construction. Welding offers a stronger overall material which in turn is better able to withstand high heats and other environmental effects. A fully welded construction differs from soldering and brazing in the sense that the two pieces are joined together without the need for a third material to be added in. The end product is an overall stronger cohesive bond.

Can’t Go Wrong with a Warranty 

Larger site boxes can cost you anywhere from £250 up to a few thousands. For such an investment it’s necessary to have a manufacturer’s warranty, preferably at least two years. Manufacturers that Exceed the Mark A few manufacturers in the industry excel at offering superior site boxes. As previously mentioned, Armogard is one of these providers in addition to Sentribox who also specialises in advanced metal storage systems. Both companies ensure that their products are tested to extensive standards and tailored to fit the ever-changing needs of business owners and residences. As you can see, site boxes are quite secure from the elements including rain, wind, fire, and frost. Double check that your specific model has a powder coated finish, fully welded construction, an adequate warranty and any other features unique to your situation.