Security boxes are one of the premier ways to access and store valuables while on a jobsite or other project based location. The features that come standard with a security box may range depending on your price point. While less costly boxes may benefit your budget, you may be compromising the overall security and protection it’s intended for. That’s not to say that all budget-conscious models are lacking in security. We’ve scoured the market and found 5 of the best security boxes available for purchase. A few of them are even under the £200.00 price point. Carefully explore the types of features a site chest or security box comes with before purchasing it for personal or business use. Some key considerations to keep in mind while shopping include:

  • Construction—How durable is the exterior of the security box? Is it made of heavy duty steel or flimsy metal alloy?
  • Anti-thrust protection—Sometimes referred to as ‘anti-jemmy’ protection, this ensures that the bearings will resist forced entry.
  • Storage content—Select a security box that can accommodate the height and width of your contents.
  • Welded on serial numbers—This ensures that you’re able to identify your site box in the event that it is stolen or lost amongst other similar models.
  • Secure locks—The quality of the lock is imperative to keeping out thieves or unauthorised users. With site boxes you have a number of options to choose from including key locks, hasp/staple locks for use with a padlock, and euro cylinder locks. Euro cylinder locks are particularly effective for deterring theft because of their unconventional design.

Take a look at these five site security boxes to suit a variety of cost points and uses.

Top-of-the Line Protection

One of the highest quality and most robust site security boxes available on the market is the Armorgard Strong Bank Truck Box SB6. You’ll receive the ultimate protection for the price, with its 3mm of steel, fully welded anti-jemmy protection, secure 5 lever deadlocks fitted with anti-drill plates. Gas struts have been added to all models of the Armorgard to assist with opening and closing the lid. Plus, the internal compartment has two shelves to better organise and arrange the contents. This security box meets all the specifications and for the price, it’s a feature that will surely benefit any on-site job.

Increase Safety without Skipping on Security

Weighing in at 122kg, the Sentribox 622 XLOCK Large Secure Site Tool Box has something unique for its cost. This site box has twin hydraulic arms to prevent accidental injuries when opening and secure drop down handles for easy transportation. Like the Armorgard Strong Truck Box, this site security box also has anti-jemmy bars and strong steel construction. In terms of security, the euro cylinder lock operates differently than the typical lever lock by using the cylinder to throw the bolt instead of a key.

Entry-Level Solutions: Compact and Cost Effective  

If your site required something that’s more compact for the job at hand, yet still offers an effective solution for securing valuable tools and equipment then consider the Armorgard Oxbox OX1 Security Van Box. At only £145.00 this is quite the low cost solution. It’s fully welded construction alongside its thin gauge steel creates an unparalleled strength by forming folds in the material. That’s probably where the saying “As strong as an ox” derives from. All kidding aside, the robust five lever deadlocks and gas struts are equivalent to the level of protection you’d find with a Strongbank or Tuffbank model.

Speaking of another robust site box, the Armorgard Tuffbank Security Van Box measures 985mm wide, is fully welded with anti-jemmy protection and 3mm of steel lid construction. There’s extra reinforcing around the locks to prevent drilling and an internal lid for support. The internal depth is 470mm which provides adequate space for security tools and equipment of all sizes. The powder coated finish is a subtle yet sophisticated touch that makes the van box look much more expensive than it actually is. For under £200.00 this security box is a steal.

Mobile Capabilities for Multi-Functional Use

The fifth and final site box that makes it onto our list is the Armorgard Barrobox Mobile Site Secuirty box. This site box differs from all the others on our list for its mobile capabilities. The wheels can be retracted when they are in position which makes it great for the outdoor use of transporting equipment and tools. There are strong gas struts on both sides of the lid plus folding handles in case you need to manoeuvre the barrow box through a doorway or narrow passageway.

The five aforementioned site boxes are all affordable and excellent mechanisms for safeguarding tools and equipment on a job site. Weigh your needs alongside the features available.