Electronic audit trail key cabinets explained

Electronic audit trail key cabinets explained

It is surprising how many businesses still use a manual logbook system when storing keys at their premises, or don’t record usage of the keys at all. The safe storage of keys is important for all businesses, but car garages/dealerships and estate agents are among those who store the greatest number of keys. Electronic audit trail key cabinets allow for the secure storage of keys, as well as holding staff accountable always for the use and return of keys.

How do electronic audit trail key cabinets work?

The lock on these key storage cabinets allows management to check the time and date when the key cabinet was opened, as well as giving them information on which member of staff opened it. Each member of staff can be assigned a code for the safe, with only those with a code being able to gain access.

Management can then obtain a full audit trail by connecting their laptop via USB and downloading the information stored on the safe.

We’ve selected a few examples of audit key cabinets for varying quantities of key storage. Each of these KeySecure cabinets have the following features:

  • LaGard Combi Electronic re-programmable combination lock
  • Up to 8 or 30 user codes plus a master code and 1 manager code
  • Colour coded hook bars and matching key tags included
  • Adjustable height and removable hook bars
  • Complete with key index log to monitor usage

1. KeySecure KS20-AUD – from £432.00 inc.VAT

This storage cabinet is ideal for storage of a small number of keys, so is great for businesses where there is no more than 20 keys being used/stored at a time.

2. KeySecure KS100-AUD – from £570.00 inc. VAT

The KeySecure KS100-AUD AUDIT electronic key storage cabinet is suitable for wall mounting and has an extra deep body to allow space for up to 100 keys.

3. KeySecure KS600EC-AUD – from £1134.00 inc. VAT

This key cabinet is perfect for mass storage of keys, with an extra deep body to allow space for up to 600 keys. This is particularly beneficial to car dealerships where there are large amounts of keys, and spares alongside them.



If you are in need of key storage for your business, get in touch with Safe Options today to find the best option for you.