Fingerprint Locking Safes

Fingerprint Locking Safes

Biometric Fingerprint Home Security Safes will protect your cash and jewellery and with a biometric lock just your own fingerprint will open it! 
No more keys to store (or lose) - No more Codes to remember! Biometric Fingerprint Safes can only be opened using your unique fingerprint. Simply swipe your finger over the reader to gain access. Biometric Safes have now come of age and are now extremely reliable and ideal to protect your money and valuables.
Fingerscan security safes to suit all budgets: Choose from budget models with £1000 recommended insurance cash ratings right up £10,000 tested and certified high security safes.

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How Does a Biometric Fingerprint...
New developments in science have enabled the growing security market to develop increasingly user friendly products, which make the most of this new innovative technology. We’ve all struggled in the past with a security safe – whether it’s finding...
The Benefits of Fingerprint Safes
Biometric fingerprinting allows individual physical characteristics to be recognised. Biometric fingerprint safes negate the need for key or combination locks.
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