How Secure is an Electronic Key Safe?

How Secure is an Electronic Key Safe?
The electronic key safe is a useful and oft necessary business requirement. If you are a business that has a large number of keys (car hire company, hotel, storage facility) or even a large family with multiple cars and secure outbuildings, a key safe is the best and most secure way to store keys. A key store with an electronic keypad for opening and closing rather than a key is an even better choice.

The Electronic Key

The electronic keypad is embedded into the safe - usually the door. The keypad functions by use of a numerical code known as a combination, with the door opening when the correct code is punched in. Essentially, the only way a thief can break the safe is by having the code or demolition of the safe.

Durability of Electronic Key Safes

Electronic key safes secure your commercial keys using heavy-duty materials. They come in a variety of different forms and cost as much as you want them too. You can invest in a huge safe capable of holding the keys to a whole fleet of cars or campus of buildings, or just a small key cabinet filled with spare keys for a few doors. The durability is not a consideration because most safes are constructed from strong steel and the majority are suitable for wall mounting. Most safes readily resist assault from most basic tools. Unless the thief has brought some heavy-duty tools along with them your business keys are secure. The durability of the keypad itself is something many people raise concerns over. It's understandable because they do look quite fragile. But even if someone bashes the pad in it doesn't open. It all depends on the locks. All they've done is make sure they have now have absolutely no chance of getting inside.

Electronic Defences

The safe works through an electronic keypad therefore it's better at keeping valuables safe. A thief with experience in lock picking can break into a safe through diligence and discipline; which is a possibility when you're on holiday. The electronic defences resist attack by water and fire, as well as through brute force. They also don't break open through electronic surges. It's impossible to breach the defences of a key cabinet without the use of specialised tools. Take note, many of these electronic locks also have an additional lock fitted. If one malfunctions or fails you have another lock to prevent entry whilst you get the safe fixed. This double defence is vital for making sure a thief doesn't get authorised access to your building. The electronic key cabinet offers security to the level needed and purchased. The only real weakness is the fact people can forget the combination or write their code down where it might be found. They use durable materials and heavy-duty bolts for the locks. Their ability to defend against nearly any form of physical attack means you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your business keys.