How To Choose a Key Cabinet

We are often asked why there is such disparity in the cost of Key Storage Cabinets and so we thought we would take the time to explain the essential differences.

If we start in the lower end where prices start at about £20 and key capacities are from 3-50 – these cabinets are usually a mild steel box with a hinged door that is secured by a simple key or hasp cam lock that acts to prevent opportunistic theft. In addition the key hooks are simply pressed out of the rear panel of the cabinet and bent to accommodate key rings. They are rarely numbered and do not allow flexibility if bunches or longer keys need to be stored.

The next range of key cabinets – often called system key storage – have similar locking mechanisms, but have the added bonus of removable and adjustable height hook bars that allow the flexibility required when storing different types of keys and bunches of keys. These system key cabinets are also often supplied with a key colour coded numbering system that consists of numbered hook bars and matching key tabs on the key rings. They are manufactured in key capacities from 20 right up to 600 keys and all sizes can be wall mounted and some have extra deep bodies in order to store larger bunches of keys – especially apt for the estate and letting agency trades and car and vehicle rental dealerships. If required, this range of key cabinets can be fitted with keyless locks such as re-programmable mechanical dial and reprogrammable mechanical digital locks which can be either mortise locking or slamshut for extra security – doors are less likely to be left unlocked. Finally they can be fitted with digital electronic locks with various levels of sophistication and cost.

Finally we come to the last two levels of security key cabinets – those fitted with security euro cylinder locks that can be matched to other locks within your organisation or high security double bitted key locks that trigger the release of a high strength 3 way bolting system – the same as on security safes. If required the security key lock can be upgraded to an Electronic digital lock with or without audit control facilities to monitor the release of keys, by time and by user.


Safe Options are the experts in the safe storage and organisation of Keys. Outdoor Key Boxes, Key safes and Key Cabinets with capacities from 1 key to 2080 Keys. We offer electronic, combination or key locking versions. Choose Key cabinets and Key safes made by Securikey, Phoenix, Key Secure, Burton, Keyguard, ELC and the Electronic Lock Company.


If you have multiple users requiring access to your keys a digital electronic key cabinet is ideal. Our range are re-programmable and offer complete key protection with colour coded hooks and inventory control. The electronic locks are powered by standard alkaline batteries and your chosen code will not be lost even if the battery expires. Select any from our electronic range of key cabinets with key capacities from 1 up to 600 keys. We can also offer Key cabinets with Audit control electronic locks which enable management to check the time, date and user code of the last 300+ openings of the key safe. You can choose from either the REVO B audit control lock for a visual audit on the actual screen of the lock or alternatively the LaGard 66E which offers a USB connection to your laptop so that the audit record can be downloaded at any time.


Do you require the ability to store and control large quantities of Keys? Safe Options offers a range of large floor standing key storage cabinets that can store up to 3000 keys. All models are supplied with security locks plus colour coded hook bars and rings for ease of organisation. As these cabinets are heavy they are normally only delivered to a ground floor with easy access (no steps!) or via a suitable lift.


Do you require to store, organise and secure Bunches of Keys? Then check out our range of specialist Key Cabinets which are designed for Car rental and Motor dealers, Property Rental and Letting agencies, Estate Agents and any business that needs to store key bunches. All cabinets are supplied with colour coded hook bars for ease of organisation and use. A choice of locks are available including security key lock, slam shut mechanical digital lock or a digital electronic lock.


Many Car and Motor dealers including vehicle rental companies are now required to store vehicle keys securely within approved car key safes. Check out the Safe Options range of High Security Key Safes which conform to the security requirements of most insurance companies. wall mounted key safes with either high security key locks or high security digital locks are available. For extra security checkout our ELC Slamsafe range – high security wall mounted key safes with quality British electronic locks but with a Slam shut locking mechanism, which reduces the risk of the door being left open. These Key safes are ideal for property agents and home rental companies as well as Car dealers and vehicle rental companies as Home keys and Car keys are the most likely keys to be stolen.


Ever been locked out? Does an Elderly or infirm relative require easy access for community nurse or carer visits? Or do you have a holiday rental cottage where you need to allow entry access to your guest? If so then the answer lies within our range of wall or door-mounted Outdoor Key Safes. Our exterior Key Access Safes have digital or wheel mechanical combinations – no batteries to worry about! – and are weatherproof and easy to programme and fit too!

Safe Options offers the largest online range of Key access safes for outdoor use. Choose from Key Safes by Master Lock, Lockey, KeySecure, Phoenix, Burton Keyguard Digital ( the main competitor to Supra keysafes ) and more. For high security and if you need to secure a larger amount of keys or transponders have a look at the Master 5460D with an electronic digital lock that is also weather resistant.


Check out the Safe Options range of Key Reels that are ideal for retail shops, supermarket checkouts, bars and pubs – in fact anywhere that requires personal control and security of keys. The KEY-BAK® Self Retracting Key Reels secure keys, keep them readily available and don’t damage pockets! Choose from our KEY-BAK® Belt clip fastening Key reels , Belt loop fastening Key reels , Spinner fixing Key reels, Bracket Mounted Key reels, MINI-BAK® and Key Bak Self retracting Key reels