How to choose a Locker

Lockers offer basic security for personal items, clothes and equipment. When choosing a locker, you'll need to factor in a number of different considerations: what will be stored there, who will be using the lockers and what conditions they'll be exposed to. From school lockers through uniform lockers to industrial storage and cabinets for hazardous materials, this handy overview will help you make the best choice.

How to choose a Key Cabinet

Key cabinets range from simple mild steel storage boxes intended to deter only the most casual theft to sturdy cases with multiple anti-theft defences. The array of different options can be confusing, initially; in this article, we outline the different types of key cabinet on offer, with information on construction and lock types as well as tips on proper installation.

How to choose a Convex Blindspot Mirror

A convex blindspot mirror lets you keep an eye on areas of your premises that would otherwise be hidden from view behind obstacles such as shelving units or parked vehicles. By mounting a convex mirror, you can monitor activity in these concealed areas more effectively. Different mirrors are available for different situations, such as indoors or outdoors, wall mounted or mounted on a pole. In this article, we'll give you the information you need to choose a convex blindspot mirror that's appropriate for your needs.

How to protect your Car Keys

How safe are your car keys? A thief with access to the keys to your vehicle can steal anything that you have left inside, as well as taking the vehicle itself. Of particular interest to customers in the vehicle rental or motor industry, this guide discusses different options for keeping vehicle keys secure when not in use, including conventional and electronic key safes and tips on choosing the right key cabinet.

What is a Convex Mirror?

This handy FAQ answers the most common queries regarding convex mirrors, whether you are considering a mirror or already have some installed. Learn about angles of reflection, the differences between mirrors for indoor and outdoor use, different materials such as acrylic and how to keep a convex mirror clean.

Road Markings in Car Parks

Our guide to road markings for car parks offers helpful information on regulations and recommendations regarding road markings, including bay widths and types of marking. Learn about the right materials for road markings and the correct types of lines to use. We offer information on the relationship between good road markings and safety issues.

The Essentials of Bike Storage

Racks, sheds and stands where bikes can be properly secured are the first line of defence against cycle theft. Choosing the right type is important, as some older varieties are less secure and have features that could cause damage to bicycles. Here we look at the many different options available for securing bikes when not in use, from outdoor solutions such as shelters and racks to lockable sheds.

Data Backup and Safe Storage

Most businesses have data backup systems in place; but backing up your data is only part of the story. Data backups need to be regular and effective. If your backups aren't kept in a secure location (preferably offsite), you could lose valuable data - and you may not be in compliance with regulations governing data storage. Here is a list of crucial questions that businesses need to ask themselves about the security of their data backups.

Safety at Work

Workplace injuries take a major toll on employees and businesses alike. Without adequate health and safety measures, a business can lose valuable working days due to ill-health and injury. In some circumstances, a business may even be held legally responsible for an employee's injury and be forced to pay compensation. This guide outlines some of the major workplace safety considerations and how to address them effectively.

Crowd and Queue Control Systems

While large crowds may be desirable from the perspective of extra sales, they can wreak havoc if you're not prepared for them. Any public venue needs proper queuing and crowd control measures to safeguard against the anxiety and irritation that customers may experience when they're in a crowded environment. Inadequate crowd control can have serious implications for health and safety; an out-of-control crowd can mean injury and even death. While queues can often be managed using flexible barriers such as ropes and fabric strips, some circumstances may call for more sturdy barriers that can resist physical damage.