Frequently Asked Questions

Home Safes FAQ

How do I get into this safe if it doesn't recognise my fingerprint?

Fingerprint locks are now very reliable if kept clean as a residue slowly builds up on the scanner over time. You can also program a pin code into this lock as a back up and there is also a key override supplied in order to change the battery.

Can you explain to me how this safe is installed? Is it bolted to joists/what keeps it securely in place? Thanks.

This safe sits between the joists and the lip on each end rests on the joists and the end panels are screwed to the sides of the joists from inside the safe - this prevents the box being removed without unlocking the safe door.

When using the override key, is there any additional security? Do I need a PIN also?

The Override key is to be used only in an emergency - constant use will damage the locking mechanism. You will not need your Pin code because, presumably, the override key is being used due to a failed battery. Never store the override key in the safe!

Where can I get a replacement floor securing bolt (complete) for this safe?

We can probably obtain one from the manufacturer, but to save time any hardware store will be able to supply you an expansion bolt(s) (sometimes called Rawl bolts) from stock. You just need to ensure the diameter is less than the pre-drilled hole in the safe.

Do you have any other home safes that are supplied with 3 keys as standard?

The Safebox home security safe by De Raat is the only safe available with 3 keys supplied as standard. More expensive safes can be supplied with an extra key at extra cost and similar safes to the safebox come with 2 keys. If required we can quote you for extra keys on any model. Just contact us by freephone 0800 567 7549 or email us from our Contact page.

I am looking for 4 biometric safe for service user with learning disabilities. Do your provide installation services as well?

No problem. We can install all of our safes to anywhere on the UK mainland.

if the batteries go flat is there a back up key

ALL security safes that pass the EN14450 S2 security test CANNOT have an override key so all safes that have this test certificate have alternative means of changing the batteries. In the case of the Aver S2 the batteries are changed by removing a cover on the keypad and changing batteries. When you do this there is no danger of your lock losing the your personal code.

I am interested in purchasing this safe for home use and just need to check if it can be secured onto a plywood base as I am looking at putting it into my built-in wardrobe?

Safes that are tested by ECB-S to EN1143-1 for Security Protection must be secured directly to a concrete floor in order to pass the test. Therefore if you do not secure the safe to a concrete floor the safe certification would be invalidated. The safe itself can be fixed to a plywood floor and we can usually supply bolts for this purpose, or they are available from any local hardware store. However, if your insurer requires you to purchase a safe with this testing standard, or a safe with a specific cash rating, we would advise you to check with them as to whether they would still cover you based on this fixing method.

I am looking at the Churchill underfloor safes and would appreciate some advice on the lock options; key, dial and electronic. Do each these locks offer the same degree of security and reliability? For convenience my preference would be not to have a key but only if security is not compromised. I am also thinking the electronic option might be an unnecessary complication. Last point - does the dial lock come equipped so that the combination can be changed? Could you advise me on this please.

As far as security is concerned all 3 locking options, Key, Dial Combination and Electronic Digital offer the same level of security. All 3 have different attributes as far as ease of use is concerned.
  • Key is simple to use but you need to keep the 2 keys secure when not being used. 
  • Mechanical Dial Combination locks need no maintenance or batteries and the combination can be changed at your discretion. Code changing takes longer than Electronic and until you gain experience using the lock can be annoying as you have to be so precise in moving the wheel into position for each number in the code. However, unless you dropped the lock heavily, it will have a very long life.
  • Digital Electronic is simple to use and re-programming is easy - just ensure that the location of the safe will not be compromised by water damage such as a flood. The lock is powered by standard alkaline batteries

What is meant when a safe is "Insured for "X"amount of cash and "XXX" in valuables".Define valuables

Insurance companies normally cover the contents in a safe based on the quality and test certificate of the safe and to simplify the system, manufacturers offer a suggested Insurance rating - either for storing cash or for securing valuables such as jewellery, collectables, watches,  - anything that has a monetary value. The Valuables rating is normally 10x the Cash Rating. This can be overruled by your insurer due to any reason such a claim history, post code etc.
I hope this helps.


I am interested in purchasing a digital safe for storing jewelry. I want to install it in my bedroom but fix to the base of a wardrobe. Please can you recommend the best one. Thanks

Before suggesting a jewellery safe, you need to assess the value of your jewellery to ensure that the safe you select is secure enough so that you can obtain insurance cover. Each safe has an insurance cash rating - so a £4000 rated safe such as this one - the Phoenix Fortress SS1182E - will have an insurance rating for jewellery of £40,000 (10x the Cash rating). However fixing it to the base of a wardrobe is unlikely to be fixed firmly enough. Ideally you should also fix it to the rear wall as well, but even better to a solid floor. Other models you might consider are the - Burg Wachter Combi Line CL20E - A2381 and the Burton Torino NMT/5P - A1217 - both of these can be fixed to both wall and floor unlike the Fortress. To find these 2 models just enter either code in our search box - top right of the page.

How do I fit the bolts into the floor

All of our security safes have pre-drilled holes in the base and some also have pre-drilled holes in the rear panel too. You need to position the safe where you wish it to be located - mark the position of the holes with a marker through the pore-drilled holes and then move the safe away and using a drill make holes sufficientlt deep and with the correct diameter as specified in the installation instructions. Place the safe back carefully aligning the holes and then push the expansion bolts into the holes and tighten up with either a spanner or screwdriver depending on the type of bolt used.

Can a time be set so that the safe can not be opened until a specified time ?

This lock functionality is called 'time lock' and it is only available on advanced digital locks. These types of lock are only available on higher security safes I'm afraid, such as the Phoenix Venus HS0641E - Please Note. the standard digital lock on this safe does not have 'time lock' but we can offer the alternative lock on this safe by upgrading the lock. See the available lock options shown for this.

If the batteries on this run out how do you open it?

The Phoenix SS0721E Mini Home Electronic Safe is supplied with 2 service keys that allow you to open the safe when you need to change the battery.

In case of fire, what temperatures can this Safe withstand and for how long?

The Burton Aver 2E is purely designed as a security safe to resist burglary, which is far more likely to occur than a fire. We do offer Fire Security Safes of a similar security rating such as

How do you reset the password number? Used key to open and replaced batteries. I want to reset password.

The instructions for operating the safe and changing the password are supplied at time of purchase for the Phoenix SS0721E as with all Phoenix products. We will email them through to you.

As it is digital, does the safe need to be connected to power or does it take batteries?

The Sirius, as with all Digital Electronic safes, is powered by standard Alkaline batteries.

How big are the bolts used to bolt it down into the ground? What are the dimensions?

The bolts supplied with this safe are 12mm diameter and 120mm long.

does this have any holes so it can be bolted to the floor/wall?

This Armorgard Tuffstor TSC1 Cabinet has fork lift skids on the bottom of it. These skids have pre-drilled holes suitable for attached the optional castors. If you prefer you could use these holes to bolt it to the floor. There are no pre-drilled holes in the back of this site storage cabinet. However, I am advised that they could easily be drilled through if you require.

What is the fire resistance of the safe?

The Phoenix Vela Letter Deposit safe has no fire resistance. Like all deposit safes, the fact that it has a deposit slot opening means it is impossible to insulate the safe from fire. If you require fire resistance please check our Fire Safes section.

Will it fit to recently rendered wall?

We see no reason why this key safe will not be suitable for your wall. The bolts should go through the rendering and into the solid wall construction behind it. However, we would advise that you check with the builder who recently rendered the wall in case there is any reason that it won't hold the fixings.

How long are the floor bolts?

The fixing bolts for the Master Lock range of Fire safes are 100mm long or 105mm if you include the head. If these are not long enough for your needs then similar bolts will be available at your local hardware store.

Please can you tell me how many fixing holes it has to attach to a wall?

This safe comes with 2 fixing holes in the rear of the safe.

Does this use batteries or require an electrician to wire into mains?

This safe lock is battery operated.

Is there a key override in the event of the digital lock failing?

No. A key override is an added method of entry which means it is seen as a security risk. Therefore it would not get this security standard (£2000 cash rating and tested to Sold Secure Silver and AIS Approved) if they had provided a key entry in addition to the digital lock. Lower security or non-tested safes usually have a key override if this is preferred. This safe does have an external battery connection for access if the batteries go flat.

For security do they bolt together or to the wall. Otherwise they could be removed with contents!

Probe Lockers can be bolted side by side or through the back to a wall. This is recommend for both security and for safety to prevent them falling over.

Is this safe fire proof?

As with all floorboard safes there is no fire resistance at all. If you wish to protect a small number of documents or paper and digital media you could consider a fire chest. which are not that expensive.

View here - Fire Chests

Does the hinge side of the door have bolts that hold the door in place when closed or does it rely on the hinge for its security?

The hinge side on the Vega as on all En14450 S2 security tested safes must have either  a "Dog Bar" on the hinged sde or sometimnes fixed position bolts, which secure the hinged side of the door from forced entry. . 

How do I enter the safe if the electronic keypad fails or is damaged/unusable after a fire?

As with any safe that is exposed to a serious fire the safe will be inoperable with any type of lock - key or electronic as the door will probably become welded to the safe body or the safe will be badly distorted. As this is a fire resistant safe, although the contents will be protected for 60 minutes, the door will be sealed by the thermogel seal that breaks open in a fire ensuring there is no penetration by fumes, smoke or fire.

COSHH and Storage Cabinets FAQ

Does this come in any other colour than grey?

It is standard in grey - for large quantities - say 10+ we can have them specialy coated at extra cost

Greeting Is it possible to provide us more than 200 piece of these cabients but with different specification 2000 H x 600 D x 2000 W MM, as same 4 shelves and sliding door. Thanks

This is possible yes. We will send a quotation through to you directly.

Can I buy shelves for tall safety cabinet.

Yes you can purchase shelves to fit this Probe HAZ A Hazardous Cabinet. Using the search bar to right of our logo at the top of the page search for - D1212 

Safety & Security Mirrors FAQ

Does the Polymir surface ever collect condensation?

As with any surface, such as car windows, outdoor mirrors will be covered with condensation or frost when there are large changes in temperature after dusk. We do offer a range of condensation and frost free mirrors which solve this problem, once they have been in position outside for around 24 hours - see them here - Frost Free Mirrors

Need a mirror to enable to see both ways when exiting my driveway, 90 degrees left and90 degrees right. Thanks

Unless traffic is moving a a very slow speed you would need 2 mirrors - each angled at 45 degrees but pointing in both directions. If you would like to discuss you can telephone us on our Freephone 0800 567 7549

How long is the bracket compared to the width of the mirror. Key point, can the mirror be turned to 90 degrees to the bracket if mounted to a horizontal pole?

Any Pole mounted miror up to 600mm diameter can be turned up to about 80 degrees, but not 90 degrees unless an arm extension is used. We can supply an arm extension on the Vialux 946 - quick find code  H1244 - which is the mirror you were viewing when you asked the question.

Also if the Mirror was wall mounted then it could only be turned up to 45 degrees, without the use of an extension..

Lockers FAQ

Are each cube locker affixed to each other? What type of fitting is used?

If Probe Ultrabox lockers requiring building together we provide a Linking kit - 100 x Nuts/Bolts with rubber waterproof washers - Buy them here - Linking Kit

Are sloped tops possible with this?

Yes there is a Sloping top that can be added at time of purchase or later on this particular size. Sloping tops are becoming more popular, especially in schools, to prevent the top of the lockers being used for temporary storage or to prevent litter being discarded on the top of the lockers. Sloping tps for Armour Lockers are available for lockers with the following footprints - 300W x 300D, 300W x 450D, 380W x 380D, 450W x 300D and 450Wx450D mm. This option will be added soon.

Hi, what's the height of the top shelf?

In all Probe full height 1 door lockers the top shelf is in a fixed position 24cm from the ceiling of the locker.

can these be secured to the wall or floor easily? are they safe to use as secured storage over night?

These lockers are not designed to offer security from an malicious attack, but designed to prevent an opportunistic theft. If you do not have any other protection such as burglary alarms then you should consider our higher security laptop safes - Security Laptop Safes

They are easily linked together or fixed to the wall as there are pre-drilled holes in various points in both the back and both sides.

For these lockers does the Hasp & Staple fitting allow for a separate padlock to be used.

On all Probe Lockers the Hasp and Staple Lock can be locked using any padslock with a 5-7mm diameter shackle.

High Security & Business Safes FAQ

How long does the battery last? Do I get alerted when it's running flat?

Alkaline batteries in safes can last from 3 months up to 3 years. The length of time before a new battery is required will depend on the number of uses - that is the number of times the safe is accessed. There is a warning when the battery is low, but no need to worry as your pre-set code is not lost even when the battery is exhausted. Just replace the battery (via the lid on the front of the lock) and you are ready to go again.

Can extra keys be provided for this safe?

Two keys are provided with is safe but extra keys can be provided. It is better to order them when purchasing the safe rather than later as it is more economic. We would need one of the original keys to be sent to us if you are requiring a replacement key.

I don't really want to bolt the safe down - will it still be secure?

Good question. A safe acts as a delaying device - the longer a potential thief has to take to steal what they want the less likely they are to succeed. This safe weighs over 200kg (31 stones) so it is not easy to move, but obviously much more difficult if it is bolted down. It will still offer incredible security, but you should check with your insurer as any insurance cover that depended on you having a Eurograde 1 safe may be null and void if the safe is not correctly installed.

Hello, do you have any distributor or reseller in Malaysia. I'm interested with Phoenix Milano SC0071C Laptop Security Briefcase. Looking forward to your response

We do not have any distributors outside the UK, but we can ship it to you. We would require your full delivery address in order to obtain a cost for shipping.

Does this safe have to be installed on the ground floor? or can it be installed on the 1st floor? My floors can take the weight of and 18 stone man so surely they should take the weight of the safe?

No, this safe can be installed on most floors of any building, but in the case of say a suspended floor it is advisable to check whether a spreader plate is required so that the weight of the safe is spread out over a wider area. This is normally either a thick plywood sheet or a steel plate that has a larger footprint than the base of the safe. The only other issue in placing a 18 stones safe on a higher floor is access. If there is a suitable lift - no problem - if it has to be delivered via stairs then there are both physical and health and safety issues that require investigation. We are happy to forward a quotation no matter what the delivery issues are. We have recently delivered safes to a 5 th floor in central London using a crane to deliver via a window.

I require a safe with cash value £17,500 for insurance purposes,but will not be able to bolt to floor as we have underfloor heating. Do you have any wall mounted safes that would suffice?

All Eurograde Class 2 safes - £17,500 Insurance Cash Rating - need to be bolted through the base into a solid floor to adhere to the EN1143-1 regulations. In some cases your Insurance company may be happy for the safe to be chemically fixed to the floor with an adhesive or bolted through the rear wall. You would need to contact them to obtain their written agreement. Obviously if you are not insuring the contents then it would be up to you to assess the risk of leaving the safe free standing, chemically fixed or fixed to the rear wall.
No safe of this grade has a rear fixing holes as standard so this would need to be drilled prior to delivery.

We are looking for a safe to be installed in a standard 19" computer rack with PIN entry. Similar to a hotel room safe, but suitable for installation into a rack. Do you offer such a product?

We know of no company that designs a safe for such an application, but we see no reason why a standard hotel safe could not be fixed to a rack. All have fixing holes in both the base and rear face and you would just need to find a simple method of attaching the safe through any of the fixing points.

I notice that some people have trouble opening these capsules - is their a design issue?

No design issue as these have been supplied, unchanged in manufacture, for over 30 years. When first used the capsules can be just held in 2 hands one on each end of the capsule and make a snapping motion, which breaks the vacumn seal. Afterwards they just push togther easily, but tight enough so that your notes don't fall out.

Key Storage FAQ

Are spare key rings supplied?

All Keysecure key storage cabinets are delivered complete with colour coded numbered key rings that match the numbered, colour coded key hooks fitted to the cabinet. In the case of the KSE300V the cabinet is delivered with 300 key rings numbered 1 to 300 and colour coded to the hooks pre-fitted into the cabinet. In addition Safe Options can supply additional or replacement key rings, numbered as you wish - view them here - Key Cabinet Accessories

As this is made of zinc, is it the best outdoor key box?

Not necessarily. Being Zinc it would not corrode, but the other key safes are protected from the weather in other ways such as rubber or integral plastic covers. If security is an issue you should look at the Police Approved models as well.

could this be used outdoors?

This cannot be used outdoors unless it was protected within a weatherproof box such as the GRP plastic meter boxes, which can be opened with a plastic triangular key. Search for meter boxes online. 

Is this key safe OK to be used outdoors?

This Phoenix Cygnus cannot be used outdoors unless it was protected within a weatherproof box such as the GRP plastic meter boxes, which can be opened with a plastic triangular key. This answer would be the same for all key cabinets except for the outdoor key safes that are designed for 1-6 keys. Search for meter boxes online. 

What are the letters A & B for? Can I set two different codes with them?

The A and B codes are used instead of numerals to to improve the security. You cannot use 2 codes - only one. You can view the operating instructions on the PDF attachment shown above.

is this insurance approved

This product has not been independently tested or certified. We do offer 3 Key Safes that are independently tested and certified - 

View them here:

Keyguard Digital XL

Supra C500

Masterlock 5426

You will notice that all are of a much heavier construction - the Masterlock 5426 weighs 2.8kg compared to the untested models weighing around 0.5kg

how many digits can the code be?

As this is mechanical, each digit can only be used once within your code. However, you can use as many digits as you wish. For security reasons, we would recommend not using all the digits and not using just one or two digits. Therefore we would suggest using 4-6 digits.

Fireproof Safes FAQ

The description for this safe states that it is free standing, bolt down, please advise if free standing means it does not have to be bolted down. I live in a house where it is all floorboards and the only concrete is in the garage, which is not the safest place to put a safe Thank you

The safe should be bolted down to prevent the safe being stolen. However, you may feel that other security precautions within your home or office such as Burglar alarm or CCTV gives you sufficient assurance. If you are purchasing a safe on instructions from your Insurer in order for them to insure your valuables it is unlikely that they will agree to insure unless the safe is bolted securely.

There are alternative safes which can be bolted via the rear into a solid wall, although this also may not be acceptable to some insurers. It is possible to bolt your safe into the joists where you have a wooden floor using coach bolts, but again check with your insurer.

Is this chest suitable for storing server back up tapes? How many would fit?

Unfortunately this fire chest is designed and tested to protect digital media and paper documents only. Although it is not tested for tapes, which are affected by heat at lower temperatures than either digital or paper media, it will offer some protection. Both Sentry and First Alert did offer such a chest, but they are no longer available in the UK. The only tested option for you is a Data Safe such as those found here -

Is the cabinet able to be bolted down to the floor or wall?

The Phoenix Fire Ranger cabinet cannot be bolted to a wall or floor I'm afraid. If you would like to secure a similar cabinet we would suggest the Phoenix Firechief cabinets. These are ready prepared for floor fixing.

The same size cabinet can be seen here -

Site Storage FAQ

Can it be fixed permanently to floor or do you do a product that can be use in garage

Yes the Armorgard Tuffbank TB2, as with all Armorgard products that have Fork skids, can be bolted into any solid floor using expansion bolts (not supplied). The holes are pre-drilled in the skids for use for fixing castors or for permanent security fixing.