Whilst most people would associate storage cabinets with a more traditional office environment, they are also ideal for industrial storage and can be used to store stationery, files, tools, and to keep things overall a bit tidier.

If you own any kind of industrial business or unit it is likely that storage is a concern, particularly if tools or documents are randomly piled up on shelves and posing as a hazard. If you are struggling for space, then mobile storage cabinets are the perfect way to start making some more room. There are a range of styles to choose from, so finding a storage cabinet for your needs is easy.

Fully welded vs. lightweight cabinets

Steel storage cabinets are a great addition to any industrial space but bear in mind that you can choose from fully welded cabinets or a more lightweight version which is pop-riveted together.

Whilst both options provide plenty of storage space and can help you to keep organised, there are some advantages to choosing the fully welded version over a more lightweight cabinet.

The Bedford fully welded and heavy-duty storage cabinets offer greater security than the more lightweight version. They are made with 1.2mm thick steel which is welded together, with semi-concealed door hinges for added security.

Regular steel cabinets have around a 0.9mm thickness on both the doors and the body of the cabinet, making them more susceptible to damage and much lighter. In comparison to these cabinets, which can often be moved by a few people, the heavy-duty cabinets are overall more secure and are more likely to deter theft from staff or robbers.

Standard steel cabinets are more suited to commercial environments, and for storing items that are not as valuable. Whilst the heavy-duty cabinets should not be considered to be high security, they are a more sturdy and secure option for your storage needs.

Bedford Industrial Fully Welded Steel Cabinets

At Safe Options we stock a whole range of heavy-duty, welded steel cabinets by Bedford.

Bedford are experts in manufacturing steel storage and furniture, having over 40 years’ experience in producing high-quality items for industrial and commercial use.

We believe that the Bedford range are the perfect storage solution for all of your industrial storage needs, so take a look at a few of our favourites below:

  1. Bedford Heavy-duty Mobile Storage Cabinet

This mobile storage cabinet is ideal for areas where tools or files need to be moved around often, particularly as it comes complete with castors, two of which come with brakes. This cabinet features a reinforced double door with strong 3-way locking for easy access and security. Inside you will find two shelves which are height adjustable and each come with a 100kg weight capacity.


  1. Bedford Heavy-duty Sliding Door Cabinet

This sliding door cabinet is the perfect heavy-duty cabinet for those who require a storage option that is wide but not too deep. It’s a useful option for corridors where space is tight and access with regular doors can be tricky. Each of the three shelves have a 75kg weight capacity.


  1. Bedford Morstor Extra Heavy-duty Steel Cabinet

The Bedford MORSTOR is a steel security cabinet ideal for storing tools and spares. This cabinet has double doors with the added bonus of in-door storage. Inside there are 3 heavy-duty adjustable shelves that each have a weight capacity of 100kg. The cabinet is made from a fully welded steel construction which is 1.5mm thick on both the body and the doors.



For further advice, and to find the perfect storage solution for your needs, please get in touch with the Safe Options team on 0800 567 7549.