The ideal security mirror for your commercial or residential property has a great deal to do with layout and current security features in place. For that reason, it’s necessary to evaluate your current situation prior to selecting one.

Security convex mirrors are used in a range of businesses and occupations including security checkpoints, hospitals, schools, roofing, construction, transportation, prisons, and border control— just to name a few. Due to their lightweight frame and portability, security inspection mirrors can come in handy for a variety of applications. In this article, we’ll explain:

  • Why a security mirror is ideal for nearly all trades
  • What features to look for in a security mirror
  • How a security mirror can assess damage or identify risks

Amp up the Security in Schools and Public Facilities

With crime rates climbing sharply in the past two decades, schools and public facilities have had to adjust their safety protocols to alleviate these threats. In fact, many have even made use of security mirrors at safety checkpoints. With their ergonomic design, an individual holding a security inspection mirrors can easily see what’s concealed under a vehicle, locker, table, or any surface that has an obscure underneath. In addition, this can be effective in locating contraband items like drugs or explosives.

On the other hand, security mirrors aren’t strictly limited to threats or hazards. They’re also great for identifying lost items (jewellery, small valuables, etc.) The Vision Convex Handheld Inspection Mirror is built to do this very thing.  With its wide-angled viewing and impact resistant acrylic you can easily view under, over or behind the object or vehicle in question. What’s even better is that the aluminium telescopic handle extends all the way from 100cm to 200cm!

Assess the Damage More Accurately

Roofing and construction businesses often need an extra set of eyes to assess damage or repairs needed. Trench portable inspection mirrors are engineered to precision so that you get the best possible view of the area. The Vialux Convex Inspection Mirror is 300mm in diameter plus up to 3m in length. It has two viewing points totalling 90 degrees and an unbreakable polymer face. 

What Features Are Noteworthy?

The most suitable features will vary slightly from individual to individual depending on their needs. With that said, there are some features that are universally beneficial. Select a mirror with a toughened acrylic face or unbreakable polymer. Also check that it has a substantial warranty life in the event that pole or face because damaged in any way. If the purpose is to use the mirror predominately under vehicles then also be sure that the wheels are made of polyurethane tyres or a similar durable material.

Security mirrors are suitable for a range of organisations ranging from schools and public facilities to law enforcement and construction. Remember to purchase one made of durable acrylic or an unbreakable polymer. Also take into consideration the length of pole that you’ll need for the job. If you’re using it strictly for home or office use, you may not need a telescopic arm that spans 3m long. Conversely, if the job calls for it that may be exactly what you need.