What is a Drop Safe?

A drop safe is a type of safe that is typically used to store cash in a shop, restaurant, betting office, petrol station, bank or post office. A drop safe is commonly known as a deposit or day deposit safe. Drop safes can also be used to store valuable documents such as passports, credit cards, birth certificates, or title deeds. The unique feature of a drop safe is a slot or drawer that allows cash or documents to be put into the safe without opening it. This deposit mechanism makes the drop safe quick and easy to use, as well as ensuring the security of the cash or documents inside the safe. The appeal of a drop safe is that anyone can make a deposit into the safe, but only the holder of the key or security code can withdraw items once they have been deposited.

De Raat Muller MP Day Deposit Safe

De Raat Muller MP Day Deposit Safe


How is a Drop Safe used?

Documents and cash can be put into a drop safe without opening the main door of the safe. The valuable items are pushed through a small opening in the top or front of the safe. A good drop safe has an internal mechanism called an anti-fish plate to prevent people from pulling the contents of the safe out through the slot using a piece of wire. The door to the safe can be opened using either a key or a secret code, depending on the type of safe.

Who uses Drop Safes?

The unique design of a drop safe means that employees can put cash into the safe without being able to open the safe and take anything out. This makes drop safes perfect for use in a bank, post office, shop, or restaurant. Employees can quickly make deposits in the safe, which makes them ideal for use in a busy retail setting. A business that uses a drop safe is protected against theft because the employees do not have the ability to open the safe and hand over money during a robbery. A drop safe also prevents theft by employees. The drop safe is bolted to the floor or a secure structure to prevent thieves from taking the unit. At the end of the working day, a manager or security worker can empty the safe and take the money to a safe place.

What are the different types of Drop Safes?

Drop safes come in a range of sizes and security ratings. Drop safes can either be front-loading, where the deposit slot is located on the front side of the safe, above the main door, or top-loading. The opening mechanism for the door varies between different types of drop safes; some drop safes have combination locks, whereas others have a traditional key lock. Some drop safes have a dual locking mechanism, which requires more than one action to be performed to open the safe. For example, some dual-locking drop safes only open when two keys are used at the same time; these two keys can be held by two employees or two partners of a business, preventing one party from accessing the deposited contents without the other’s knowledge.