Top Places to Store Legal Contracts

Top Places to Store Legal Contracts

Confidentiality should be of utmost importance for any organisation that specialises in legal matters involving consumers and their personal information.

With that being the case, electronic and physical contracts must be stored in a secure area with restricted access to unauthorised personnel. High security safes are a fitting device to install in your business in addition to electronic filing cabinets for less classified documentation. In this article, we’ll discuss:
  • Specific safe models appropriate for a legal offices
  • What sorts of documentation should be safeguarded
  • How to protect documents during travel

What Warrants a High Security Safe?

It may be unclear what sorts of documents warrant protection under lock and key but as a general rule, if it pertains to a client’s bank accounts, investments, or other private details, it’s best to put it away. Documents to watch for include powers of attorney, deeds, tax forms, and living wills or testaments. Private information relating to the business must also be kept in a safe place. Many newer safe models are designed to also withstand high heats in the event of a fire. The Chubbsafes FIRE 30E Electronic Security Fire Safe, for example, is certified for 30 minutes of fire-resistance and can be securely bolted to an office floor for increased protection. In terms of construction, it has an 8mm steel door, 3mm steel body and 25mm diameter bolts. Another comparable safe is the Burton Firebrand MKII-3 Fire Security Digital Safe. For enhanced organisation, it has one removable shelf and one removable paper tray. It’s certified for one hour of fire protection and is impact tested to EN15659 specifications.

Filing Cabinets Offer Storage and Security

Traditional filing cabinets offer ample room for papers and other classified documents but they often have flimsy locks or even no locking mechanisms. This is not the case with the line of electronic filing cabinets offered by Phoenix. The Vertical Firefile 4-Drawer Cabinet has a high security LED electronic lock and 4 large drawers with compression plates to hold pocket folders or wallets. It’s outfitted with a dual control internal alarm to alert business owners of intrusion. Each drawer is individually fire protected for up to 90 minutes so no need to worry about partial damage.

Protection on the Move

In some scenarios, you may need to travel with important contracts or sensitive information. A portable laptop and document safe is the ideal travel companion. Select a portable safe that can accommodate the volume of documents you intend to take on your trip. Also, thoroughly inspect the lock to ensure that it closes properly and is not susceptible to a forced entry. Choosing the right security device for a business’s paperwork is vital to its overall success. Remember that criminal activity is not the only threat to be prepared for. Fires can also result in catastrophic damage so look for a safe or cabinet that also has resistance to high heats. If you intend to store additional valuables in a security safe, check that it doesn’t exceed the cash or valuables rating specific to each one.