Top 5 Locations Where to Secure your Site Box

Top 5 Locations Where to Secure your Site Box

After you’ve chosen the perfect site box to secure your workplace valuables, the next most important decision is where you will keep it.

When you are setting up a worksite, safety and security should be one of your primary goals. One important factor to consider is safely storing valuable and sensitive items. Part of this is picking the best worksite security box or cabinet that suits your needs. For instance, if you store chemicals you will want to choose something that can safely store potentially dangerous materials. If you are working outdoors you will need one that can survive the elements. Then you need to choose a sensible location to put your site box. This decision depends on several issues :
  • Are you outdoors or indoors? What conditions do you need to keep your materials safe from?
  • Is your location remote or does it see a lot of activity?
  • What is in your cabinet? What items do you need to secure?

In an private office a portable office

If you have binders of sensitive financial documents or company records that you would like to keep secure in a cabinet, the best place to keep that is in an office. This accomplishes two things. If a thief were to steal those documents they would have to first get into the office and then get past the strong lock on the cabinet. This provides you with an extra layer of security. Also, by keeping papers in an office they are on hand where they are needed most.

Outdoors on high ground

Sometimes a worksite is not near a company’s main office. If that is the case, you may find yourself securing valuables in an outdoor setting. First you will need to choose a cabinet that is designed to weather the unpredictable conditions that may come with being outdoors. For instance, the Armorgard TUFFSTOR TSC3 Outdoor Site Security Storage Cabinet is designed to keep out thieves and weather. However, that doesn’t mean you can keep it just anywhere. Keep any outdoor site box out of dips and troughs in the ground. If it rains and a puddle floods the surrounding area, even if your cabinet is sealed tight enough to keep the water out, it will be a bother to access the contents.

In plain view of security cameras or CCTV

When you are in an outdoor or a remote worksite it may be difficult to keep your site boxes and valuables supervised. If that is the case, place them within the sightline of a security camera. If a thief sees that in place he may be deterred from taking something. If he tampers with your valuables anyway, you will have a better chance of catching him and recovering your valuables.

Anywhere with easy clean-up

If you are using a chemical container like the Armorgard Flambank Fire Resistant 1275mm Site Box, spills within the container will be neatly collected in a sump to avoid contaminating the surrounding area. However, you still have to clean out the spill and any leaks that occur while loading and unloading the box. For this reason, it is good to keep the box outdoors, or on an easy to clean surface like concrete.

In a vehicle

Keeping a site box that is designed to fit in a van or the bed of a truck is a great advantage. You can keep it safe throughout the course of the day and take it home as you leave for the night so you never have to leave it unattended. Where you keep your site box is largely dependent on what is inside it and the nature of your worksite. These are just a few tips for different types of environments. Choose the method that works best for you.