Top 5 Best Home Safes Under £100

Top 5 Best Home Safes Under £100
Home security is an aspect of everyone’s life that is worthy of time and money. It is essential to secure your valuables and to protect them from thieves who might take them or natural forces that might otherwise destroy them. Not only is it important to keep your cash, jewellery, electronics and important documents in a safe place but the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are safe is priceless. Unfortunately, with so many different things that require your financial resources you may find that your home security budget is a bit thin. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend all of your hard earned savings to secure your valuables. Do you have the impression that only the most expensive safes can deliver a supreme level of protection? While it is true that the top-of-the-line safes (which can stand up to intense physical tampering) are more expensive, a lower priced safe may be all you need. There are several great safes for under £100 that can satisfy your needs and deter opportunistic theft.

Things to think about when buying a safe on a budget:

When looking for the right safe for your home there are a few factors to consider.
  • What do you plan on keeping in your safe? There are safes specifically designed for certain valuables like laptops and jewellery.
  • How much money or value do you want to keep in a safe? Safes typically are rated for up to specific amounts. If you keep more than the recommended amount in a safe and it is broken into, insurance companies may not reimburse you for the stolen contents.
  • How heavy is the safe? The lighter the safe is, the greater the need to bolt it down. Any safe can be cracked if given enough time and criminals who take an entire safe with them significantly increase the time they have available. Heavy and bolted down safes are harder to take.
  • Do you have a spot to put the safe that won’t be overt or obvious?

SafeSaver 25K Home Cash Safe Key Lock

One of the biggest names in affordable, high quality safes is SafeSaver. They make some of the premier safes you can get for under £100. If you are looking for a place to store your extra cash, the SafeSaver 25k Home Cash Safe is a great option. This sturdy little 11kg safe is designed to hold cash and other valuables. It can be fixed on the bottom or at the back for added security, which is great because of its relatively light weight. The safe locks with a key which is a little less convenient for you than a digital lock but it is a lot more inconvenient for thieves, as key locks are often harder to crack. This safe is insurance rated for £2,000 or £20,000 worth of valuables which means that insurers should accept claims that cover safes if the cash inside does not exceed that much.

SafeSaver Protector Auto Laptop Security Safe

Another good safe from the quality SafeSaver brand is the SafeSaver Protector Auto Laptop Security Safe. However, this one is specifically designed to protect laptops. Its short and wide rectangular shape is ideal for safely storing laptops and tablets. It is also ideal for securing important documents and files as well. Plus this shape is great for installing in hidden locations around the house so that the safe is difficult for a thief to find in the event of a robbery. The safe can be fixed to the ground at the base and it locks with a key. It is recommended that £2,000 or £20,000 worth of valuables or less be kept in this safe.

SafeSaver 25E Home Cash Safe Digital Lock

If you like the SafeSaver brand but you’d prefer to not have to keep track of a key, the SafeSaver 25E Home Cash Safe is for you. If you are always misplacing keys or if you have too many to keep track of already, it is probably not a good idea to add another one to your ring. The digital locking SafeSavers have the same sturdy design and competitive pricing as their key locking cousins, but they have a more convenient digital keypad. The keypad can be programed with a 3 to 8 digit code and has anti-tamper features which temporarily lock out anyone who has entered three incorrect codes. This safe is also rated for £2,000 cash and £20,000 valuables.

Phoenix SS0723E Compact Home and Office Safe

Another trusted brand in safes is Phoenix which makes a variety of safes for all kinds of purposes. If you are looking for a sturdy and compact safe for your home or office then the Phoenix SS0723E Compact Home and Office Safe is a perfect match. This safe has a battery powered digital lock that seals your valuables behind a 4mm thick galvanised steel door. It is rated for £2,000 cash and £20,000 valuables.

Chubbsafes AIR 10K Security Home Safe Key Lock

One of the oldest names in safes is Chubbsafes and even they have quality affordable safes. The Chubbsafes AIR 10K Security Home Safe is a great key lock safe that will certainly protect your valuables from opportunistic theft. It is rated to hold £1,000 and £10,000 of valuables.