Top 3 Best Site Boxes

Top 3 Best Site Boxes

The three top 2014 site boxes are manufactured by Sentribox and Armorgard—two well-versed suppliers in the security industry.

When crime, Mother Nature, or employee misconduct threatens the safety of your valuables, you’re best bet is to purchase a site box. Site boxes come in a range of sizes, shapes and price tags to accommodate nearly any budget or location. In this article, we’ll discuss:
  • Why the top three site boxes outshine the rest
  • Where they should be ideally located
  • Criteria to keep in mind whilst shopping for your commercial business or residence

Extra Large Capacity Coupled with Security

If extra capacity plus security is a primary concern for your worksite or residence, seriously consider this gem—Sentribox 542 XLock X-Large Tool Vault. Weighing in at just over 200kg, this large tool vault is ideal to store nearly anything in the pneumatic tool category or accessories needed on the job. This Sentribox comes supplied with four keys, secure handles, and twin euro cylinder deadlocks. The forklift skids placed on the bottom of the box make bolting the wheels an option. As a final added security there are anti-jemmy bars all around the box. This site box should ideally be kept under a covered area like a workshop or garage. With the Sentribox brand rest assured that your valuables will be safe while you’re way.

When Mobility is a Predominant Concern

For some worksites, having a site box which can be carried on and off the premises is a primary concern. If this is the case, the Armorgard Strongbank Extra Secure Van Box is highly recommended. It’s been hailed as the toughest site security box on the market for its 3mm of steel throughout the construction, fully welded anti-jemmy protection, and extra reinforcing around locks to prevent drilling.  To further assist with opening and closing, gas struts are in place on all sides and there is an internal lid support. For individuals who are constantly on-the-go or prefer to keep their valuables in their van/truck this is the type of site box you’ll want to purchase. In addition to their adaptive offerings Armorgard and Sentribox products typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty—at the minimum one year.

 Flame Retardancy at its Finest 

The third and final highly rated site box demonstrates fire resistance and safe storage of chemicals through the use of an integral sump. The Armorgard Flambank Fire Resistant 1275mm Site Box has extra secure twin security locks with 6mm of steel reinforcement. Fully fitted with bright red hazard warning signs, the design features high and low level ventilation to avoid the build-up of fumes. In all, this site both can withstand up to 30 minutes of fire and can also combat rust with its under surface zinc coating. What’s more, flame arrester gauze is fitted on all Armorgard Flambank models. These three site boxes rank highest in the categories we’ve noted. You can’t go wrong when you select an Armorgard or Sentribox because they’ve adapted their offerings to appeal to working professionals as well as everyday people.