Review - Securikey KC200ZECLIP54 - Wall Mounted key Cabinet with 200 Hooks

Review - Securikey KC200ZECLIP54 - Wall Mounted key Cabinet with 200 Hooks

If you are looking for a high quality key cabinet with a large key holding capacity then the Securikey KC200ZECLIP54 is probably the best solution.

This wall mounted key cabinet has 200 hooks and therefore can hold between 400-600 keys if they are stored with 2-3 keys per key ring.

Key Features

  • Wall fixed Key cabinet with 200 Key hooks fitted to 20 key hook bars
  • Digital electronic cam operated lock that can be re-programmed
  • The electronic lock uses standard alkaline batteries
  • Batteries are replaced without opening the door so no override key is required
  • All key hook bars are both adjustable in height and are removable
  • All hooks are numbered and colour coded and replacements are available
  • Supplied with colour coded and numbered key rings with tags
  • Fitted with a key index log to monitor key usage
  • Powder coated with a light grey office friendly finish
  • Dimensions : Ext: 550Hx380Wx140D mm
  • Weight:14kg (31lbs)


  • Adjustable/Removable hook bars allow flexibility
  • Colour Coded and numbered key hooks plus matching key tags and rings
  • Key control index card included to monitor key usage
  • Offers protection from opportunistic theft
  • High quality digital electronic cam lock require standard batteries and code can be changed
  • Key control is made easy with numbered and colour coded hooks and key rings
  • Securikey spares are readily available from
  • Quick delivery in 1-2 working days


  • This is not a high security cabinet and is designed as a day cabinet unless a premises alarm is fitted
  • Cam locks are easily forced so if security is important choose a dead lock fitted cabinet such as the Securikey KV200 or KVD200
  • Designed to store 1-3 keys per hook
  • Not suitable for key bunches without reducing the key capacity
  • If higher security is required then a burglary alarm should be considered or alternatively move the keys into a security safe overnight
  • As with most Key cabinets there is no official tested insurance cash rating

The Securikey KC200ZECLIP54 200 hook Electronic Key Cabinet is designed for commercial use and offers a competitive solution to storing a large quantity of keys.
There are also other key capacities available from 20-600 hooks as well as key operated versions.