How to correctly store gas cylinders

How to correctly store gas cylinders
The British Compressed Gases Association has a code of practice that states how gas cylinders must be stored. As part of this code of practice, cylinders are required to be stored outside in a well-ventilated storage area. Wire mesh cages, known as gas bottle cages, are the perfect option for storing gas cylinders and meet the requirements set by the BCGA. Wire mess cages not only keep your gas bottles safely stored in keeping with health and safety regulations, but they also protect the gas from theft or vandalism. Whilst there are many guidelines set out by the BCGA and by the Health and Safety Executive, we have highlighted some of the key points for storing your gas bottles:
  • The cylinders should be in a suitable outside store, ideally a solid cage which will allow for ventilation whilst protecting the gas cylinders from being tampered with
  • The store should be away from sources of ignition and any surrounding buildings should be taken in to account during a risk assessment
  • The store should be in a location that is easily accessible, particularly for members of the emergency services
  • Cylinders should be stored up right and secured to prevent them falling over, although there are some instances where they may be required to be stored horizontally instead
  • Appropriate safety signage should always be displayed on the gas cylinder store
  • Only gas cylinders should be stored in the gas storage area and empty cylinders must be stored elsewhere
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