How Much Do Mobile Car Keysafes Cost?

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While there are keysafes that you can fix permanently to the body of your car, it can be useful to choose a mobile keysafe that can be removed if you wish.

The price of a mobile car keysafe varies depending on the construction and the level of security. Prices range from around £5 for the smallest and least secure options to £20 or £30 for better-quality portable safes. There are two general categories of mobile key safes available. Shackle-lock safes can be physically attached to your vehicle or another object, while magnetic safes are simply stuck to the underside of your vehicle. The more solid and well-built your safe, the more you will have to spend.

Magnetic Keysafes

The cheapest magnetic keysafes only cost around £5; however, these cheap items have the major disadvantage of being extremely insecure. In many cases they don't actually close with a lock, relying instead on secrecy. If a thief is able to find the safe, your vehicle is as good as stolen since he or she has easy access to the keys inside. Additionally, such items are usually too small to hold a car key. The magnets used in their manufacture are not strong and they are vulnerable to shaking loose if left in place while your vehicle is moving. Somewhat superior are proper safes that have sturdy locks and use special high-strength magnets to attach to the underside of your car or other vehicle. These are not terribly easy to obtain from UK stores but you can find them online. Single-key versions cost £10 to £15, while you can find slightly roomier models for approximately £30. An example of a cheaper model is the GE Locking Stor-A-Key, which is available for just under £13. The downside of these magnetic boxes is that while it's hard to open them without having the key or knowing the combination, they can be physically removed and taken away. This could leave you without access to your vehicle. Because of the strong magnets you can't use this kind of safe to store items that are affected by magnetic fields, such as credit cards or mobile phones.

Shackle-Lock Safes

A shackle-lock safe has a padlock shackle with which to attach it to your vehicle (or another object). Cheaper models cost under £15 but you may pay up to £30 for a more expensive item. Examples include the Masterlock MLK5408 Key Pod, which is available for around £12; and the Keypod 5G Key Safe, which costs just under £25. Both these models use a four-wheel combination lock and limited room inside. The Frostfire Mooncode Car Key Safe has a more generous caddy and costs under £20.

Cable-lock Keysafes

Similar to shackle-lock safes, these are secured to your car with a flexible cable instead of a rigid shackle. They can be easier to attach in awkward locations - but the cable is easier to cut through than a shackle. One of the cheapest models is the Portable Stor-A-Key, for around £13. This has a three-wheel combination lock and an adjustable cable; note that the internal dimensions (31 millimetres by 71 millimetres by 13.5 millimetres) may be too small for some car keys. While magnetic keysafes may be convenient, they're easier to lose or steal than keysafes that physically lock onto your car. When buying a car keysafe, always make sure that the given dimensions will be sufficient to hold your key; this is especially true if you want to store more than one key or your keys are particularly large. Expect to pay between £12 and £30 for a mobile keysafe.
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