How Do I Know What The Best Safe Solution Is For Me?

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From professionals looking to safeguard company assets to private individuals in need of a safe way to keep valuables safe from prying hands, the myriad of different parties looking for the perfect safe solution is quite impressive. With an enormous selection of brand names and safes to choose from, it comes as no wonder that many consumers and would-be customers find themselves overwhelmed with the choices available to them. Fortunately, finding the right safe for a particular situation does not have to feel like mission impossible. Instead, armed with the right tools and resources, finding the perfect match becomes a much more manageable task.


The first factor most safe buyers will want to take into consideration is the purpose for which a particular safe will be used. For example, will this safe be used to hold small valuables like jewellery and loose coins, or is a high-capacity safe capable of holding larger items needed? Not only is the size itself an important feature to consider, but also the locking mechanism of the safe in question needs to play a decision in the selection of the safe. Some of the many options around include safes that lock digitally and traditional lock and key safes.


Purchasing a reputable safe is an important step, as safes made by lesser-known manufacturers may be made from subpar materials, which could ultimately mean the safe is incapable of providing the security needed. Some of the best-known brands in the safe industry include giants like Burton Safes, Chubbsafes and Sentry Safe. Some brands also specialise in particular kinds of safes, including portable options. For example, many consumers who find themselves with valuables or cash on the road opt for car safes that allow valuables such as smart phones, Sat Navs or Laptops to be secured while on the move.


Beyond the traditional features that many safe buyers take into consideration when choosing the right safe for their particular situation, additional security features often play a pivotal role in the final purchase choice. Many safe makers offer fireproof safes, which could save valuables from damage in the event of a devastating fire. Some safes are even specifically created to hold sensitive items like back-up tapes, digital media or USB storage devices. These items prove invaluable when tested in severe situations that would otherwise obliterate the information stored on these drives.

Security Requirement

Next one has to consider how secure your safe needs to be and whether the extra expense of fire resistance is necessary, because the decision to have both fire resistance and security from violent attack is a compromise unless your budget is at least a £1000. To assess your needs ask yourself a few questions:
  1. What is my primary reason for purchasing a safe?
  2. Do I already have additional security precautions already in place such as a burglary or fire alarm. If so maybe a less secure or a non-fire resistant safe can be the solution.
  3. What is the value of the cash or valuables that I wish to protect.
  4. What security standard do I require? The higher the standard the higher the price! The recognised standards are as follows:
    • EN14450 – Tested to either S1 - £2000 cash rated or S2 - £4000 cash rated
    • EN1143-1 – Tested to Eurograde standards from 0 up to 6 (£6000 up to £150,000
    • AIS Approved – The seal of approval by the Association of Insurance Surveyors is the icing on the cake – go for this if you can afford it, it’s well worth it.
  5. Fire resistance levels are normally tested for 30, 60 or 120 minutes. This is assessed by placing a safe in an oven for these periods of time to check that the contents are not damaged. Obviously a safe will be ruined in a fire, but a fire tested safe will protect the contents. Fire safes protect paper and sometimes digital media. Fire Data Safes protect both Back-up tapes and digital media due to the superior fire resistant properties.


Finally, budget often drives a customer's decision when selecting a safe that will work well for them. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of different safes available across the price spectrum, meaning finding the perfect safe does not have to cost a fortune. Furthermore, for buyers in the private sector, financing options may allow for the safe purchase to be undertaken in a more convenient manner. Searching out the perfect safe solution can be a challenge for even the most seasoned buyers. Thanks to the many different options available and the wide assortment of reputable brands offering quality products, however, finding the right match for one's security needs might be easier than expected. Launching the search for the perfect safe could indeed prove quite simple.