Deposit Safes That Every Charity Should Consider

Deposit Safes That Every Charity Should Consider

You can enhance security and safety for your charitable organisation by carefully considering the range of high quality deposit safes available on the market.

As is the case for many different types of businesses, charitable organisations have to give a lot of consideration to ways in which they can enhance security and safety. For any charity, safeguarding items such as client or donator information, sensitive documentation, and cash is vital and there are a number of solutions that can help to make this easier. One of the things that charities need to look into is investing in a suitable and high quality deposit safe, which is ideal for places such as charity retail shops as well as charity offices. There are a number of different deposit safes available on the market these days, and for charities these provide a cost effective means of safeguarding cash and reducing the risk of theft and burglaries. No charity can afford to lose money in the current financial climate, so investing in this type of security solution can prove to be invaluable. Some of the deposit safes you can consider for your charity include:
  • Under the counter/desk cash deposit safes that make depositing cash safe and easy.
  • Digital deposit safes offer the ease and convenience of a digital code pad rather than a key.
  • Time delay cash deposit safes are excellent for robbery defence.
All of these deposit safes come with their own unique advantages, so it is well worth looking at each of them to see which is most likely to meet the needs of your charity.

Under Counter/Desk Deposit Safes 

These deposit safes are ideal for your charity, as they are not only discreet but they also provide convenience and ease when it comes to depositing cash into the safe. These safes, as the name suggests, are located under the counter or desk to keep them out of sight while at the same time ensuring that you have fast and easy access to make your deposits without any hassle.

Digital Deposit Safes

If you want a safe that adds an extra element of convenience, a digital deposit safe is an excellent choice. These are operated via a digital keypad and code rather than with the use of a key, which means you can offer access to more people and you don’t have to keep track of a key.

Time Delay Cash Deposit Safe

The time delay cash deposit box is an excellent anti-raid solution for your charity shop or office. This type of safe can be fitted in a choice of locations, such as under the counter or in a back office. It is able to help reduce the risk of theft by programming it to open after a pre-determined number of minutes from when the code is entered. This means that even if a criminal does manage to find the safe and the code, they will then be left waiting for the safe to open before they can take anything by which time authorities may have been alerted. Photo credit: Some rights reserved by zappowbang