Safe Review: Burton Firesec 4/60 Size 1 Security Fire Safe

Safe Review: Burton Firesec 4/60 Size 1 Security Fire Safe
Burton Firesec 4/60 Size 1 Security Fire Safe

The Burton Firesec 4/60 range of safes are the only fully tested safes in the UK that offer both 1 Hour Fire and £4000 Insurance Security Protection for the Home and Office.

  • £4000 Tested Insurance security rating ( £40,000 for valuables)
  • Independently tested to EN14450  S2 and AIS Approved
  • Independent fire resistant test - EN15659 LFS 60P for 1 hour
  • Fire protection for paper documents for up to 60 minutes
  • Fitted with a high security double bitted key lock and 2 keys
  • 3 Way locking with high tensile steel locking bolts for extra security
  • Removable and adjustable shelf fitted as standard
  • Expansion Bolts included for floor fixing
  • Finished in scratch resistant epoxy paint
  • Other sizes and digital versions available
  • External Dimensions – 345H x 480W x 460D mm
  • Internal Dimensions – 185H x 330W x 300D mm
  • Weight 64kg , Internal Volume 18 Litres
  • Warranty – 2 years
Burton Firesec 4/60 Size 1 Security Fire Safe (open)


  • The only EN14450 S2 rated security safe with 1 hour fire resistance
  • Offers  protection from a violent physical attack
  • Independently Security Tested to EN 14450 S2 £4000 Insurance Cash rating
  • Independently Fire Tested to EN 15659 LFS 60P for 60 minutes
  • Three way locking using high tensile steel bolts
  • Burton safes 5 years on-site warranty – best in the UK
  • Easy to install using heavy duty expansion bolts supplied (Base only)
  • Optional expert installation in 5-7 days or Quick delivery in 1-2 working days


  • 60 minutes fire resistance reduces internal capacity relative to similar sized safes with little or no fire resistance
  • Higher price due to specification and independent test certificates
  • The fire insulation materials increases the weight compared to similar sized safes
The Burton Firesec 4/60 S2 Rated, 60 minutes fire rated, Key locking,  Size 1 Safe is designed for use in both the Home and Business, where the  safe is required to withstand a violent and sustained physical attack as well as protection of paper documents for up to 1 hour. It offers exceptional security and is the most secure safe in its class for protecting personal documents such as passports and certificates as well as jewellery and valuables such as cameras up to the insurance value of £40,000. You may also wish to consider the digital electronic version or the 2 larger models in the same range.
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