Best Safes for Small Businesses

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When it comes to the security of your business, there’s no better alternative than a safe.

Whether you’re interested in safeguarding your sensitive documents, valuables, or cold hard cash, there are safes designed to perform each one of these functions exclusively. This quick guide focuses on three of the best safes for small businesses—fire document safes, fixed wall safes, and laptop safes. This should help you narrow down the options and advance your search for a safe that suits your establishment’s needs.

Fire Protection

When a fire strikes your place of business, there’s no telling the type of damage it can do. Fire safes come in a variety of sizes and fire retardant levels ranging from just 15 minutes all the way up to 120 minutes. Customisable drawers file racks, and door pockets can also be selected to enhance its function and operation. The Sentry Digital Electronic Fire/Water Safe, distributed by Safe Options, pays homage to even the most flame retardant safes. Armed with dual key and digital locks, the Sentry Safe can protect paper documents, digital media, and photographs up to 120 minutes while simultaneously holding £1,000 in cash and £10,000 in valuables. Experts say that at least 30 minutes of fire resistance is sufficient but for added assurance we suggest purchasing one with the most comprehensive level of protection.

Wall Safes

Walls safes are perfect for facilities who have limited square footage. These security features are mounted directly into a wall and can be secured to the building structure. If an office rebuild is not an option for your business, they can be conveniently hidden in cupboards or behind decorative panelling. A dentist office may find the silver rated Burton Torino DK1 wall safe a practicable option. With its precision laser cut door and 8 lever double-bitted key lock, the Burton is engineered to hold up to £4,000 in cash and £40,000 in valuables.

Laptop Safes

If your business affairs are primarily conducted via the web, it’s a wise choice to invest in a laptop safe. Security programs and firewalls may protect your files from remote hackers, but what if your property is stolen? Information on your hard drive can easily be lifted and used by criminals to corrupt your professional data. The Sentry X075 features an electronic digital lock and extra wide body, suitable for laptop sizes up to 490mm in width, 338mm in depth, and 250mm in height. Quite the worthwhile investment if you consider the value of your sensitive financial information.

Rating System

The Eurograde Rating system is the leading method used by professionals throughout Europe to determine which type of safe is most appropriate for their client’s needs. The ratings range from Grade 0 (the lowest) all the way up to Grade 6. Based on independent laboratory tests, cash values recommended for each safe range from £6,000 (Grade 0) to £150,000 (Grade 6). Apart from the physical durability, a Eurograde safe is guaranteed coverage by the foremost insurance companies across the UK. Businesses who deal primarily in cash or who store valuable materials on-site can benefit greatly from investing in a safe. Consider the different designs, functions, and weights available to suit your budget.  Alongside the manufactures warranties and insurance coverage it’s most definitely the safe choice.