In the modern age, more and more people are using technology in almost every aspect of their daily life with many turning towards portable devices such as laptops and tablets rather than desktop computers. Portable devices have become essential not only to our working lives, but also to our personal lives. Laptops now hold important work, files and information as well as personal photographs, videos and even music.

Laptop and tablet storage is something that you may want to consider installing in your workplace, university or leisure centre. Here are just some of the benefits of storage and charging lockers.


Laptop lockers are the perfect way for companies and their visitors to store their gadgets safely. If you want to leave your laptop somewhere rather than carry it around, a locker is the perfect option for ensuring that any items are kept in a safe place.

In gyms and leisure centres, laptop and tablet storage is essential for any premises where larger lockers aren’t available. Whilst many people are happy to leave a gym bag tucked in to a pigeon hole, it’s a completely different story when they’re in possession of a valuable device. A laptop or tablet locker is a great way to avoid theft or accidental damage.

Laptop and tablet storage will give staff, students and visitors peace of mind in any environment. Purchasing storage lockers with individual shelves and keys will offer the best security for lots of individuals.  Some lockers can also be fitted with a choice of locks, including an electronic or 4-digit combination lock.

Keeps users connected

Probe Lapbox 15CHD-USBThere are a huge range of laptop and tablet storage lockers available. You may want to consider opting for a style that has the ability to charge devices that are left inside such as the Probe Lapbox 15CHD-USB. By providing a plug and USB option, any device can be left charging and will be ready to go when it is collected.

This works particularly well for shopping centres and businesses who have a heavy flow of guests who may want to charge their laptop or even their phone for a few hours whilst they go about their day.


Laptop and tablet lockers are the perfect option for universities or businesses that have a handful of devices that are intended to be used by many people.

Universities often have a system where students can take laptops out on loan to work on, by having storage and charging lockers not only will the equipment be secure, but they can make laptops easy to obtain and can ensure that they are always being charged before going to another user.

In terms of being used for business or educational use, the cost saving is immense. There’s no need for computer rooms with a laptop or tablet locker, the devices can just be stored in the same place and be accessed by many different individuals throughout the day. This paves the way for that extra space to be used for better purposes and allows people to work in different places for a change of scenery.

A laptop or tablet locker is a sturdy place that gives your laptop security and more importantly it gives you the confidence to go about your business without having to worry about your valuable electronics. It is worth noting that in some cases, these storage lockers can be used for smaller valuables such as watches and mobile phones too, they are not restricted to laptops or tablets.

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