There are still many companies who choose to use physical backups of files on tape instead of storing data and files digitally or on a hard drive. Using a Fire Data Safe is still the only effective way of keeping tape back-ups safe as a standard Fire Safe only protects paper.

There are different types of safes for protecting back up tapes by ensuring the internal temperature of the safe doesn’t exceed 52º C. These safes can keep the contents safe for different lengths of time from 60 to 120 minutes, but with the average response to primary fires being just under 9 minutes, you can be assured that they will all keep your items safe.

Take a look at some of our favourites:


  1. 60 minute data safe

Phoenix Datacare DS2001E – from £411.60 inc. VAT

This data safe will protect both magnetic tape and digital data for up to 60 minutes from the effects of fire. It is secured with a high-quality digital electronic for great security, but you can also choose either key operated or even biometric fingerprint versions. The Phoenix Datacare DS2001 range includes 1 shelf and is ideal for storing back-up tapes, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, portable hard drives and videotapes. It is also available in 2 larger capacities.


  1. 90 Minute Data Safe

Phoenix Data Combi DS2502F – from £946.00 inc. VAT

The Phoenix Data Combi DS2502F will protect paper, tape and digital data from the effects of fire for up to 90 minutes.  This data safe comes complete with an internal tape data fire box for even more protection and features an electronic finger print lock to allow easy access by programming up to 128 different fingerprints. Access can also be made via a conventional digital keypad using your chosen code.


  1. 120 Minute Data Safe

Phoenix Millennium 46524E – from £6447.00 inc. VAT

The Phoenix Millennium 46524E is a fire resistant and security cabinet perfect for tape, digital media and paper data. Complete with an electronic lock, this data safe can protect contents from fire and theft for up to 120 minutes. It has been fire tested to EN1047-1 and burglary tested and is a Eurograde 1 safe, suitable for protection of up to £10,000 cash or £100,000 of valuables. This safe will keep the temperature down below 52º C for up to 2 hours.


There are so many great options to choose from, for more help on choosing the right safe for your needs contact our team on 0800 567 7549.