Are filing cabinets fireproof?

Are filing cabinets fireproof?
When selecting a filing cabinet for your workplace or even your home, you’ll likely be wanting it to fill certain criteria depending on what you will be using it for. If it is going to be used for storing important documents, then how secure it is and how well it protects the contents inside is going to be an important factor.

So are filing cabinets fireproof?

The answer is no, they are not. Filing cabinets are traditionally made from steel, which is an awful insulator.  However, there are many fire resistant options that offer more peace of mind when storing your documents. These fire-resistant filing cabinets have a layer of inflammable insulation between the layers of the cabinet wall which helps to slow down the speed at which the internal temperature rises. Eventually the internal temperature will still get high enough for the documents to combust, but hopefully the fire will be extinguished before that point. Safe Options have got a great selection of fire-resistant safes, check out our favourites below:

1. 120-minute fire resistant filing cabinet

Chubbsafes Fire File 31-4 – from £1525.00 This filing cabinet features extra deep drawers for optimal use of space and is certified for up to two hours of protection against fire for paper documents. Key Features:
  • Each drawer is protected from fire even if one of the others is accidentally left open
  • Easy operable day catch to secure the drawers when closed
  • High quality steel sliders for easy operation and full drawer access.
  • Lighter weight construction
  • Interlocking system prevents more than one drawer being open at once and eliminates risk of tipping

2. 90-minute fire resistant filing cabinet

Phoenix Vertical FS2254F – from £1536.00 This 4-drawer filing cabinet is a great option for 90-minute protection from fire and offers a decent amount of security for more important documents. It features two lock options, a fingerprint lock and an electronic digital lock. Key Features: 
  • Extra long drawers
  • Fire resistant for up to 90 minutes for paper documents
  • Fire resistant for up to 60 minutes for digital media
  • Fire resistant for up to 90 minutes for tape/digital media if you use the optional FSDP108 data insert box
  • Each drawer is individually fire protected
  • Free replacement in the event of a fire
  • Security features: internal alarm, dual control and hidden or scrambled code
  • Includes compression plates for each drawer for storage of pocket folders and wallets

3. 60-minute fire resistant filing cabinet

Phoenix Archivo FS2234K – from £1080.00 The Phoenix Archivo is a much more lightweight filing cabinet compared to some other models, but still offers 60-minutes of fire protection for paper documents.  It’s special key lock allows 1 or more drawers to be permanently locked or unlocked, allowing free access for general use or added privacy for specific drawers. Key Features: 
  • 4-drawer filing cabinet
  • Fire resistant for up to 60 minutes for paper
  • Optional data box offering fire resistance for computer tapes or digital data
  • Water resistant seals prevent water damage to documents if sprinklers or hoses are operated
  • Can accommodate Foolscap, A4, and A5 files
  • Ultra-lightweight and can be positioned on all types of floor without extra support
  • Free replacement in the event of a fire
  Browse our full range of fire resistant filing cabinets online here, or call our friendly team on 0800 567 7549.