5 Items to Secure in a Site Box

5 Items to Secure in a Site Box
When working on a job-site with valuables, tools, equipment, chemicals, or flammables it’s in your best interest to store them in a site box. Working professionals know that job sites can be prone to things like burglary, theft and other forms of damage but with the help of a site box you can quickly alleviate these concerns. Select a site box that is constructed to high specifications including anti-jemmy protection, additional reinforcing to prevent drilling, a steel frame and the necessary fittings for storage of hazardous chemicals or flammable content. In the following post, we’ll discuss:
  • Five types of items that are best suited for a site box
  • The features that are the highest priority
  • Examples of site boxes to accommodate work related needs
On-Site Tools and Valuables Remain Safe What’s the best way to safeguard expensive tools while your job site is left unattended? One option is to place them in a durable and robust site box. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the space present, these boxes can hold drills, jackhammers, and nearly all pneumatic tools. Many of the larger site boxes even feature secure drop down handles for transport on and off location. Other work gear like face shields, hard hats, flashlights, and footwear can also be stored in a site box for safekeeping. The Sentribox 622 XLock Large Site Box would be perfect to store any of these aforementioned items because it has twin euro cylinder deadlocks, anti-jemmy bars, and strong steel 2 and 2.5mm thick on each side. Prevent Wear and Tear of Equipment  Professional grade equipment is made to withstand the elements but some extreme climates may accelerate the degeneration of machinery.  For that reason, a secure site box can extend the life of on-site machinery saving you the costs for repair or replacement later on. Keep Chemicals Out of Contact Hazardous chemicals pose many dangers to workers and bystanders if not handled properly. To ensure the safety of all individuals in proximity of a work site, keep these substances in a chemical box like the Armorgard Transbank. Capable of being fixed down or left loose for transportation, this chemical box is designed for outdoor use and has a sump base to prevent leakage. Place Flammables in a Fire Resistant Site Box In addition to hazardous chemicals, flammables are another items which should always be put away after use. Accidents typically happen in the blink of an eye which emphasises the need for proper safety procedures. Select a site box which has a fully welded construction, high and low level ventilation to prevent the accumulation of fumes, and fire rating specifications. The Armorgard Flambank Fire Resistant Site Box has all of these requirements plus flame arrester gauze, zinc paint coating to prevent rust and a tested sump base to deter leakage. What’s more, the interior has an internal shelf to better organise on-site flammables. All five of these items can be stored in a site box for ultimate safeguarding and protection. Remember to carefully evaluate the features and characteristics of each one as well as your company’s needs.