4 Convex Mirrors Ideal for Security

4 Convex Mirrors Ideal for Security

When security is a concern, many home owners and facility overseers turn to a convex mirror to monitor the premises.

Convex mirrors are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit nearly any space. The reflective surface of the mirror makes objects appear smaller than in actuality but provides a wider field of view than a planar (flat) reflective surface. Depending on the size of the room, you may opt for a one which displays 90 degrees (2 directions), 180 degrees (3 directions) or 360 degrees (4 directions). Convex mirrors are ideal for security purposes because:
  • They are tough and virtually indestructible
  • They can be coated with a weather resistant finish for use outdoors
  • Are an affordable alternative to other forms of security like video surveillance cameras
These four convex mirrors are ideal for security in and around a home or workplace.

Place Your Trust with Securikey

To best ensure the safety and security of individuals in your home or workplace, consider the Securikey High Grade Interior Mirror. From one corner of the room to the other you can monitor who is entering or exiting, as well as the activities of guests. It has a horizontal shaped body which measures 600mm by 400mm. Plus, the shatter resistant acrylic face gives parents peace of mind that no one will be injured if a toy or other flying object comes into contact with it.  This mirror can be mounted to either a wall or ceiling indoors.

Consider a Dome Mirror for Corners

Like the previous model, the Securikey ¼ Dome Interior Security Mirror also offers visibility for 90 degrees of a room except it has a ¼ dome face. Due to its shape, it is meant to be mounted in the corner of a room which is ideal for long and winding corridors where individuals may collide. It would also be a great addition to a nursery or child’s playroom to keep a close eye on everything happening. This dome mirror has a toughened acrylic face, made to withstand a low impact hits and a vacuum metallised coating for the sharpest reflection.

Half Dome Convex Mirrors

When a 90 degree mirror does not suffice and you need 180 degrees of visibility, a half dome is the way to go.  The Panoramic 180 degree half dome is ideal for seeing who’s lurking around the corner or in the path of oncoming traffic. The toughened acrylic face is resistant to low impacts and is easily mounted with screws.

Ceiling Dome for Maximum Visibility

Best suited for heavy traffic areas and retail establishments, the Vialux Plexiglass Dome Ceiling Mirror offers 360 degree of visibility. This type of dome is great for the security of large public buildings, factories, and warehouses. With that said, it also works well for wide open day care facilities or near hazardous zones. Keep these four convex mirrors close in mind the next time you want to implement a security feature in your residence, establishment or work facility.