3 Ways to Handle Heavy Items on a Worksite

3 Ways to Handle Heavy Items on a Worksite

Workplace safety and efficiency has a lot to do with having the right tool for the job. Make sure you are prepared when moving heavy objects.

Working on a worksite or in a warehouse often means lifting or moving heavy objects. When anyone tries to lift or carry more than is recommended or comfortable they put themselves in danger of being injured. Items may also be spilled or damaged if improperly handled.

Knowing when to ask for help or when to use the proper tool is an important part of staying safe and organised while working in a warehouse. Here are some tools that can help you when you need to transport heavy materials:

  • Mobile enclosed storage shelves can help you move many smaller items that add up to a heavy weight.
  • Platform trucks are great for moving large cumbersome items.
  • Stack trucks are ideal for moving and delivering stacks of heavy boxes.

Mobile Enclosed Storage

If there are many different locations in your workplace that serve as work stations, instead of having to go back and forth from your work area to a storage area to move heavy boxes use a mobile storage unit or shelving that is on wheels. Mobile shelving is ideal for storing boxes that contain heavy components such as batteries, nails or other metal fixtures. Items like these can be extremely heavy when stored together. Mobile storage allows you to move supplies from work station to work station with ease.

Platform Trucks for Heavy Items

Platform trucks are essential in an industrial setting especially in a warehouse. Warehouses are often filled with boxes upon boxes of items, some of which may be too heavy for a lone worker to comfortably carry. With the right truck you can transport not only one but many heavy materials without straining yourself or having to take several trips back and forth.

Platform trucks are ideal for large, heavy or cumbersome materials and they come in a variety of different styles including trucks with single and double handles, three and four sided trucks, and trucks with wire mesh sides.

Stack Trucks and Trollies

Anyone who has spent time working in a warehouse or a large van knows the value of a stack truck. These handy devices allow workers and delivery men to quickly stack several heavy items onto a pair of convenient wheels. There are several different kinds but many stack trucks can even fold up to use a minimal amount of space in a van or a warehouse. Some, like the SafeSaver Aluminium 3 Way Truck, are multi-functional and can be converted from a typical stack truck to a trolley or a truck. Stack trucks are ideal for deliveries or moving vans that often have to move many boxes at once.

Before you attempt to lift anything that may be too heavy for one person, make sure you have help or the proper tool. Safely moving items throughout your workplace keeps people from injury and products from damage.