3 Locations to Place an Industrial Safety Mirror

3 Locations to Place an Industrial Safety Mirror
Last Updated: December 22, 2016

Updated to include the Securikey Decoy Camera

When a blind spot jeopardises the safety and efficiency of a warehouse or plant, the best thing to do is install a convex mirror.

In an environment where accidents are prone to happen, like a processing plant or industrial warehouse, it is essential for management to implement the proper security equipment. Security equipment isn’t solely designed to watch over criminals and potential wrong-doers, as many believe. It’s also used to ensure the welfare of workers and civilians on the premises. To better understand the significance of a convex mirror, we’ll pinpoint three spots where they’re fundamental to operations. What’s more, we will discuss:

  • How workers should use them to avoid injuries
  • Why they’re the best solution for a variety of scenarios
  • Specific models available for purchase

Outfit Intersections for a Better View

Most of us are familiar with the convex mirrors stationed on bustling street corners and intersections. Countless accidents around the world have been avoided because cautious drivers used these tools to gauge incoming traffic. The same cautious mindset should be taken in plants and facilities in the presence of tow trucks, forklifts, and pallet trucks. When travelling at high speeds, or carrying heavy loads, warehouse machinery can be incredibly dangerous to not only the driver but also passers-by. For that reason, convex mirrors are essential. For example, an 800mm acrylic convex mirror can provide visibility for up to 30 metres. That type of foresight is idyllic for dangerous intersections and high traffic zones.

Maintain Sight of Hectic Aisles

In the midst of a busy workday, it can be easy for someone to carelessly turn a corner without any notion of what’s coming their way. A high visibility convex safety mirror positioned at a busy intersection or aisles can alert the individual of the impending dangers before it’s too late. It can also be a useful tool for navigating a large and puzzling warehouse. A 2-direction, 90-degree mirror is often adequate for accomplishing this task. If possible, look for one made of toughened acrylic or another impact resistant face. Additionally, fluorescent colouring around the border can help individuals quickly recognise it.

Observe Authorised and Unauthorised Personnel 

Industrial facilities and warehouses often store valuable machinery and inventory which may tempt crooks. Positioning a 4-way convex mirror adjacent to main entrances can help security guards better monitor unauthorised individuals coming or going. Covering approximately 300 degrees, a convex mirror like the Vialux Wall Polymir Mirror is ideal for this scenario. Made to withstand severe weather conditions, it can even be placed indoors or outdoors without a problem. Likewise, the face is constructed of a solid polymer to survive vandalism and medium impacts.

Industrial grade convex mirrors offer a wide array of uses in nearly any location. They can prevent accidents in high traffic intersections and aisles, can alert security personnel of unlawful activity by staff or burglars, and provide an all-around piece of mind for overseers. With all the sizes and shapes available there’s no reason not to invest in these safety tools.

Without the proper safety features, a warehouse can be a dangerous place for employees, managers and visitors. Increasing safety not only protects people from harm, but it also reduces liability.

Work areas, construction sites and warehouses are where thousands of people work every day. However, warehouse work often involves physical labour, which can quickly lead to injury if precautions aren’t taken, and rules aren’t established. In order keep people safe and reduce liability you need to learn basic warehouse safety techniques, create a list of regulations for employees to follow and teach them how to practice safe conduct on the job.

Here are just a few of the most basic, yet essential, safety tips that you and your employees or co-workers should follow:

  • Increase visibility and minimise blind spots to avoid accidents and collisions.
  • Practice safe storage and keep heavy or dangerous materials in their proper place.
  • Operate vehicles and heavy machinery with caution.
  • Take precautions when lifting heavy objects and use the proper tools when necessary.

Increase Visibility

Warehouses often have tall aisles for storage and easy organisation. However, those aisles often create sharp corners and blind spots that could create a dangerous situation for anyone driving a forklift truck or operate heavy machinery. Having a work space with high visibility is imperative so that workers can see one other and the objects in their path.

Keep the area well lit and try to minimise blind spots. If the warehouse layout has created areas that are difficult to see, you can set up industrial safety mirrors to help workers see around corners and over aisles.

Safe Storage

When you are storing materials, there are two factors that you need to take into consideration. First, if you are storing hazardous chemicals, you need to follow instructions that are unique to the substance you are handling. Read labels to find out if certain storage temperatures are required and always wear gloves when handling materials that can damage skin.

If a chemical is split, clean it up immediately—assuming it is safe to do so. If a large spill of toxic or flammable liquid occurs, you may need to evacuate and call the proper authorities. For safe storage, consider using a hazardous material cabinet that can contain leaks and spills.

The second concern is storing heavy objects. Anything that is stacked should be centred and placed carefully. Do not stack any item too high because falling materials can be fatal.

Machinery and Vehicles

When operating heavy machinery follow specific rules for using that equipment. Safety instructions are ordinarily printed on labels. For mobile machineries like forklifts or other trucks, be sure that drivers have good visibility and have been properly trained.

Many other safety instructions are unique to different kinds of warehouses. If you are in charge of the safety of your warehouse make sure you know all the necessary safety procedures. If you are a warehouse worker, don’t be afraid to suggest ways to make your workspace safer.

Individuals who have ever stepped foot on an industrial site can attest to the host of possible dangers. Delivery bays, roadways, and tight intersections are just a few of the places where injuries can occur if you are not careful. Even experienced workers can encounter a close call if they’re not paying attention for a moment. The best ways to avert unwanted accidents are to take the proper precautions, some of which include:

  • Informing employees and visitors of all safety protocols.
  • Periodic training seminars may be required to extensively cover new information related to machinery use and production processes.
  • Equipping personnel with adequate safety apparel (i.e., hard hats, gloves, fluorescent vests, loudspeakers, etc.)
  •  Installing convex mirrors, proper lighting, and other devices for the wellbeing of everyone involved.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to better protect your organisation. In this article, we’ll review a few convex mirrors that are ideal for dangerous industrial sites.

Prevent Forklift Truck Collisions

Forklift truck collisions, as the result of impaired vision, account for a large portion of industrial site accidents. Often times, if the driver had the proper equipment to view the surrounding area, these mishaps could have been altogether avoided. The Vumax 3 Wide Angle Forklift Truck Mirror offers a panoramic view of the front and rear sides. In total, it provides drivers with 180 degrees of visibility. The scratch resistant face is designed for environments like industrial sites where bumps and scrapes are inevitable. Last but not least, it has rounded edges to protect individuals climbing in and out of the cab.

Survey an Entire Facility with a Dome Mirror

Dome shaped plexiglass mirrors are commonly used in retail establishments but they also have applications within an industrial warehouse or building. Since they can be hung from the ceiling with a chain kit, they’re perfect for larger spaces where it may be difficult to find intersecting walls. The Vialux Plexiglass Dome Ceiling Mirror offers 360 degree viewing, resistance to low impacts, and a lightweight construction. A plant manager can use a dome mirror to monitor employee activities and the facility’s production progress.

Portable Inspection Mirrors Are Handy 

The last type of tool used on dangerous industrial sites is a portable convex inspection mirror. These are designed for trenches but can also be used to check underneath large machinery or in tight nooks and crannies. The Vialux 323 Convex 3m Trench Inspection Mirror is made of an unbreakable polymer and has a 3 meter telescopic pole to check a range of depths and heights.

Each one of these convex mirrors possesses a unique function for industrial sites. Depending on the needs of your facility, one may be more appropriate than the other. Apart from industrial sites, these safety features are also suitable in retail establishments, commercial facilities, and for residential use.

5 Ways to Heighten Warehouse Security

If you manage or work in a warehouse, protecting inventory from crime should be one of your chief concerns.

Many business owners and warehouse managers have implemented security measures to ensure the safety of employees and cut down on liability. However, that is not the only type of security that is vital to a successful warehouse business. It is also paramount to consider heightening security from potential theft and break-ins. A warehouse often has hundreds of dollars of inventory on its shelves. To turn profits and meet shipment deadlines, the stock must be protected.

There are several techniques you can use if you’d like to improve warehouse security. Here are just a few:

  • Convex security mirrors can offer safety for workers and increase visibility to discourage a crime.
  • Cameras can catch criminals in the act and make them easier for police to find. However, cameras can also act as a deterrent to crime before it occurs.
  • If you are trying to protect particularly valuable items, nothing is more effective than a live security guard.
  • If connected to a security service, a security alert system can alert authorities of intruders who break in through the doors or windows. If not connected to a service, they still trip alarms that can attract attention and scare away burglars.
  • Sometimes criminals get creative and cut holes through walls, but trip wires can catch even cunning thieves.

Convex Security Mirrors

A convex security mirror is one item that can both increase safety for workers as well as discourage crime. Exposing blind spots and letting employees see around corners helps to avoid collisions and other accidents. However, shops use them to increase the field of view so that criminal activity is more likely to be caught.

Use Cameras

Cameras are a great way to catch burglars while their crime is in progress. Even if you don’t have an employee watching the live feed, police can use recordings to catch the culprits and possibly recover stolen goods.

Did you know that a security camera is also an excellent way to discourage crime? Thieves usually look for easy targets, and if things like security cameras make their efforts too risky or too difficult, they may move on to the next target. For this reason, even a decoy camera would be useful.

Hire a Night Watchman

Nothing is better than a live, on-site human being that is there to monitor the area and report suspicious activity. A security guard is one of the best ways to stop a crime before criminals get away with your inventory. This is especially useful when you are trying to protect very valuable merchandise.

Security Alarm Systems

A security system that can alert the authorities to intruders or to fires is the next best thing after a security guard. An alarm will go off if criminals try to break in through windows or doors and if you have a system that is connected to a security service, it will call the police for you.

Wall Trip Lasers

Sometimes criminals are aware that traditional security measures are aimed at protecting entrances like doors and windows so they try different approaches. Some thieves have been known to come in through sky lights or even by cutting through a weak section of wall. However, placing alarm trip lasers on the ground can help you catch even these resourceful burglars.

Try some of these security tips if you’d like to heighten security in your warehouse. Even if you are just an employee, a suggestion to help increase security may be greatly appreciated.